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Combat sports continue to be one of the most popular methods of staying fit in the UK. Whether you're looking to set up a boxing studio or want to offer your members a change of pace in their training, our boxing range has everything you'll need.

Boxing Equipment and Boxing Accessories

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  • Origin Kick Pads
    Origin Kick Pads

    Starting at: £10.90 ex-VAT £13.08 inc-VAT

  • Origin Leather Boxing Mitts
    The Origin Leather Boxing Mitts are designed to endure your most gruelling of workouts and come in four different sizes

    Starting at: £13.88 ex-VAT £16.66 inc-VAT

  • Origin Boxing / Sparring Gloves
    The Origin Sparring Gloves are designed to endure your hardest sparring session as well as your most gruelling training regimes.

    Starting at: £34.64 ex-VAT £41.57 inc-VAT

  • Origin Hook and Jab Pads
    The Origin Hook and Jab Pads are designed to the highest standard and are ideal for training co-ordination, speed and agility.
    £46.19 ex-VAT £55.43 inc-VAT
  • Boxing Mad Synthetic Leather Mitt
    Soft Synthetic leather bag mitt with a dense anatomical hand moulded multi-layer foam padding designed for optimum hand protection. Glove features elasticated wrists for easy on/off access providing a comfortable and secure fit.

    Starting at: £11.65 ex-VAT £13.98 inc-VAT

We offer a wide range of MMA and Boxing equipment including training gear, match gear, accessories and we can even provide you with solutions for training centres, arenas and gyms.