Cybex Strength Equipment

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  • Cybex Big Iron Adjustable Dumbbell Bench - Non-Locking
    EXTREME STRENGTH. Handle and wheels allow for portability. Five back pad adjustment positions. Three seat bottom adjustment positions.
    £1,254.17 ex-VAT £1,505.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex Big Iron Adjustable Dumbbell Bench - Locking
    EXTREME STRENGTH. Handle and wheels allow for portability. Five back pad adjustment positions. Three seat bottom adjustment positions. Locking pins provide for positive location relative to spotter platforms.
    £1,313.33 ex-VAT £1,576.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Abdominal
    BENCHMARK. No competitor even comes close. A unique patented Cybex design isolates the abs in a way other machines do not. Because the design has taken hip flexors, arms, and shoulders out of the movement, the resulting exercise iscompletely focused on the abdominal muscles.
    £3,035.83 ex-VAT £3,643.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Arm Curl
    BENCHMARK. VR3 user positioning for the Arm Curl provides an adjustable seat height which gets the shoulder in the right place for proper and safe lifting. The angled pad supports the full length of the upper arm to eliminate unwanted shoulder movement.
    £3,038.33 ex-VAT £3,646.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Lat Pulldown
    BENCHMARK. The VR3 lat pull is the traditional lat pull that most facilities want to offer their users. It offers exercise variety and appeals to those who favor a more familiar movement.
    £3,093.33 ex-VAT £3,712.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Arm Extension
    BENCHMARK. VR3 radial movement is a classic arm extension motion that is known to everyone who does strength training. The traditional movement allows users to focus on the triceps with less shoulder involvement than competitive dip-type triceps machines.
    £3,162.50 ex-VAT £3,795.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Tricep Press
    BENCHMARK. Proper exercise to strengthen the triceps depends on bending elbows - and how far one's elbows can be bent depends on height and range of motion. VR3 has an adjustable seat to provide each user with the optimal positioning for their height and range of motion.
    £3,237.50 ex-VAT £3,885.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Glute
    BENCHMARK. The curvilinear movement encourages gluteal involvement without requiring the user to align the hip joint. It also provides knee extension which is required to eliminate hamstring cramping and allow full gluteal training.
    £3,298.33 ex-VAT £3,958.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Back Extension
    BENCHMARK. The Cybex Patented pelvic stabilization system utilizes adjustable foot brace which allows the user to "lock into" the hip pad, causing hip extensor engagement for optimal pelvic stabilization.
    £3,349.17 ex-VAT £4,019.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Standing Calf
    BENCHMARK. VR3 uses the familiar and comfortable standing position to train calf muscles. The shoulder pads are angled to match the natural angle of the shoulder which also offers better exercise comfort.
    £3,425.83 ex-VAT £4,111.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Hip Abduction
    BENCHMARK. In addition to training the hip muscles, hip abduction firms the butt and is one of the gym's most popular machines for females. A reason why many facilities prefer having separate abduction and adduction machines.
    £3,471.67 ex-VAT £4,166.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Hip Adduction
    BENCHMARK. As most athletes know, balanced leg strength is important both to optimize performance and to reduce injury. The hip adduction exercise trains the inner thigh and is an excellent machine to develop balanced leg strength.
    £3,497.50 ex-VAT £4,197.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Overhead Press
    BENCHMARK. The converging path of motion of VR3 Overhead Press mimics the natural way the human arms move...up and in to the center...not straight up. VR3 Overhead Press by Cybex provides a more complete range of motion with constant torque at the shoulder.
    £3,518.33 ex-VAT £4,222.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Lateral Raise
    BENCHMARK. The lateral raise is a machine intended to train the medial deltoid which is exactly what Cybex does in the VR3. The location of the medial deltoid varies from person to person and most lateral raise machines are not designed to accommodate these differences. Cybex has designed the Lateral Raise to align the muscle with the movement so that users are training the muscle they expect to.
    £3,540.83 ex-VAT £4,249.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Prone Leg Curl
    BENCHMARK. The Cybex-pioneered optimal ergonomic design creates a more comfortable exercise. The forearm pads are positioned to encourage the user to pull into the pads to a neutral spine throughout the movement reducing the possibility of hyper-extension.
    £3,617.50 ex-VAT £4,341.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Cable Column
    BENCHMARK. 22 adjustable pulley positions provide maximum versatility. Obviously, the more pulley positions, the greater specificity in directing the force needed to train very targeted muscles. This product alone enables users to do almost all and any movement pattern, upper and lower body.
    £3,627.50 ex-VAT £4,353.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Pulldown
    BENCHMARK. In the pulldown exercise, thigh pads are what keep you in the seat when using heavier weights. The adjustability of the thigh pads in VR3 means that users with varying leg lengths are accommodated so the machine works for veteran strength trainers as well as beginners.
    £3,825.00 ex-VAT £4,590.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Seated Leg Curl
    BENCHMARK. This Cybex patented technology adjusts the machine to the user rather than the user to the machine. Regardless of the starting position selected, the cam remains synchronized with each individual user.
    £3,865.00 ex-VAT £4,638.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Leg Extension
    BENCHMARK. Innovative designs on the Leg Extension make positioning the tibia pad intuitive, virtually effortless, and results in easily accessible and easily adjustable machines. No knobs to lock - just put legs behind the pad and push.
    £3,890.83 ex-VAT £4,669.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Chest Press
    BENCHMARK. The VR3 dependent motion offers a feeling of security to new and average users. By having both arms working together in a fixed plane, the chest press exercise feels better controlled for a comfortable and secure training movement.
    £3,894.17 ex-VAT £4,673.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Torso Rotation
    BENCHMARK. The bottom pivot design of VR3 fixes the upper body, maintaining a stable head position. This is particularly applicable for training for athletic events where the legs are "driving". The machine's low profile gives it curb appeal in the gym.
    £4,016.67 ex-VAT £4,820.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Fly / Rear Delt
    BENCHMARK. Two movements on one machine gives users the ability to train the rear delts and the chest muscles through the popular fly exercise.
    £4,150.00 ex-VAT £4,980.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Chin / Dip Assist
    BENCHMARK. "Extra-sized" dip grips provide improved comfort. Dual grip positions accommodate user size and provide for greater variety of movements. The pull-up bar offers both bar and neutral grips for individual preference.
    £4,253.33 ex-VAT £5,104.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex Bravo Lift
    The Bravo Lift’s patent pending Free Start technology paves a path to an easier, safer and more effective workout by correctly positioning the user before any weight is ever engaged. The Free Start mechanism allows for 30 inches of bilateral start position adjustment, but always returns the handle to the resting position.
    £4,310.00 ex-VAT £5,172.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex Bravo Pull
    The Bravo Pull utilizes a form similar to that of the Bravo Press. The differences, however, take into account the fact that pulling patterns start from a much narrower basis in front of the user. The machine features vertical pulley adjustments with 22 positions and overhead lat pull outlets. The vertical adjustments allow movements from a low row to a high row.
    £4,340.28 ex-VAT £5,208.34 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Row
    BENCHMARK. The VR3 Row offers a diverging path of motion that allows the arms to follow a natural rowing motion that clears the torso. The wide range of movement engages more muscles resulting in a greater exercise effect.
    £4,465.83 ex-VAT £5,359.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex Bravo Press
    The Bravo Press has the Progressive Stabilization system found on the Bravo functional trainer. It also shares adjusting tubes with the Bravo but they’re slightly angled to form greater width at the top. This feature allows the same pressing functionality found on the Bravo with fewer adjustments.
    £4,734.17 ex-VAT £5,681.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR3 Leg Press
    BENCHMARK. VR3 has the traditional safe and secure feeling that is achieved by moving the footplate with the legs and keeping the body stationary. The unique Cybex four-bar linkage orientation offers greater hip range of motion and hip extensor involvement by providing a descending path of motion.
    £5,220.00 ex-VAT £6,264.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR1 Arm Curl
    VALUE COMMERCIAL. The intuitive design of the VR1 cable-based arm curl makes it an easy machine to use — sit down, reach over the arm pad, grab the bar, and pull. Because it is cable-based, it requires no axis of rotation alignment.
    £2,275.83 ex-VAT £2,731.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR1 Arm Extension
    VALUE COMMERCIAL. The intuitive design with pushdown positioning eliminates the need for adjustments or aligning the elbow with the axis of rotation. This is the classic exercise most users are familiar with — and a familiar motion is often one that encourages greater use.
    £2,373.33 ex-VAT £2,848.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR1 Abdominal
    VALUE COMMERCIAL. The space-efficient design of VR1 provides a crunch-like movement. The padded harness grips remove the arms from the movement which isolates the abs for a more targeted workout.
    £2,431.67 ex-VAT £2,918.00 inc-VAT
  • Cybex VR1 Overhead Press
    VALUE COMMERCIAL. Cybex Overhead Press is engineered to counter-balance the additional weight of the pressing arm assembly so that the user is lifting only the actual weight selected. 
    £2,554.17 ex-VAT £3,065.00 inc-VAT
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