Fluidity Fitness Barre

The Fluidity Barre is the world's first height-adjustable ballet barre to feature the strength and rigidity of a wall-mounted barre in a completely portable, freestanding unit.

Its patented design allows you to work against the resistance of your own bodyweight and the barre in all directions - the key to developing whole-body strength and flexibility and the long, lean lines of a dancer's body.

Fluidity Barre

Why Choose Fluidity?

Here are just a few of the features of commercial Fluidity products that make it the ideal solution for gyms looking to introduce barre fitness classes.

  • Dual user design maximises studio floor space
  • Luxurious custom turned solid beechwood barre
  • Independently adjustable barre height for dual users
  • Rubberised over-moulding on all touch points to prevent slippage during usage
  • Four swivel wheels for ultimate portability

Free Access to Fluidity Online for 90 Days: With any Fluidity purchase you will receive free access to the Fluidity Online class programmes for 90 days. This gives you and your gym members unlimited access to a complete video library of Fluidity training sessions.

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