Exercise Bikes

Choosing the correct exercise bike doesn’t need to be difficult. While the many different options can leave you uncertain about the right choice, we want to help you find the right exercise bike whether it's for a home gym or kitting out an entire commercial training facility. At Origin Fitness we stock a range of different exercise bikes to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. Whether you’re just starting a fitness journey or are joining the Tour de France, we have options for everyone.

Exercise bikes were designed initially to offer cyclists the ability to train indoors when conditions outside were poor. They started basic, but as the years have progressed they've developed into some of the most advanced bits of gym equipment in modern gyms. As cardiovascular improvement machines they are designed to improve overall fitness, increase calorie burn, help people lose weight, and build endurance.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Upright Bikes

Upright exercise bikes are a great starting point in the exercise bike category. They work well for beginners and cycling pros, which is why you'll find plenty in commercial gyms but also in home gyms. The stationary design still enables you to target many of the same muscles as you would riding outside, by allowing you to sit or stand whilst cycling. Our range of upright bikes includes the best models from brands such as Intenza and Impulse. Most modern upright bikes include a range of great features like adjustable seating, large pedals, and a wide range of workout programs to help simulate the cycling experience indoors. Many upright bikes also now use electromagnetic resistance allowing for convenient resistance changes without having to leave the bike. They tend to feature frames that are easy to get on or off, which is why these bikes are widely used for rehabilitation. This is a great place to start for that first exercise bike, however there are more advanced models out there.

Indoor Cycles

Indoor cycles bring the thrill of cycling to the masses. First developed to aid budding cyclists train during the bitter cold winter months, these bikes are now some of the most advanced bits of gym equipment today. We offer a wide range of indoor cycles from leading brands such as Concept 2, Intenza, and Stages. Each offers something different such as the clutch on the Concept 2 BikeErg or the immersive Stages MIX on the Stages Solo . These bikes are great for any gyms interested in HIIT, Hyrox, or that simply want to offer members a more advanced exercise bike experiance.

Air Bikes

An air bike is the ultimate cardio-conditioning tool requiring the whole body when training. They’ve become very popular over the last few years for HIIT, CrossFit, Hyrox, and interval training. Air resistance allows the user to decide how intense training is going to be, as the harder someone works the greater the resistance level they will face. This crucial feature makes the air bike suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and ages, from senior users wanting a light session right through to elite athletes pushing to develop their VO2 max. The Origin Storm Air Bike is the perfect choice in this category.

Recumbent Bikes

A recumbent bike is a great alternative to other exercise bikes as it features a seat design that may be more comfortable for anyone dealing with back pains, arthritis, or who can’t use traditional exercise bikes. The seat design provides additional back support whilst keeping the body fixed upright while training. A popular option for rehabilitation or users with mobility problems it allows the user to still receive the health benefits of a cardio workout. The design of these bikes makes it even easier than the upright bike to get on or off.

Exercise Bikes Benefits

  • Increased levels of cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved moods
  • Stress level reduction
  • Develop lung capacity
  • Reduce likelihood of illnesses such as heart disease, heart attack, or strokes
  • Lower impact on the body and joints than running

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