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Cardio machines are often the most popular machines on the gym floor. Making sure you have the right cardio range for your members is essential in running a successful fitness business. Browse our range to find the perfect fit, or give us a call if you can't see what you're looking for.

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  • DK R22.2 Recumbent Cycle with Embedded Screen

    The R22.2 recumbent bike is equipped with an ergonomic seat and backrest which offer exceptional comfort and enhanced stability. The convenient walk-through design enables the user to move freely both entering and exiting the bike. The patented seat sliding mechanism is not only easy for users to adjust but is micro-adjustable in as small increments as required to allow for any size of user to find the most comfortable seating position.

    Was £5,998.80

    Now £1,325.88 ex-VAT £1,591.06 inc-VAT

  • DK B22.2 Upright Cycle with Embedded Screen

    Climb on board the bike with accessible one-hand adjustable seat that provides the quickest, easiest way to find the most comfortable riding position. The all new B22.2 upright bike is fully equipped with all of Origin’s great CV features.

    Was £5,398.80

    Now £1,335.17 ex-VAT £1,602.20 inc-VAT

  • DK Fitness VE22.2 Variable Stride Elliptical Cross Trainer with Embedded Screen

    Choosing the VE22 means you get a stepper, treadmill and an elliptical at the same time. With the variable stride structure users can change the workout as they like with this all in one-cardio machine.

    Was £8,398.80

    Now £1,642.68 ex-VAT £1,971.22 inc-VAT

  • DK E22.2 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Embedded Screen

    Unlike the traditional fixed motion cross-trainer ellipticals the E22.2 provides a full range of options to best fit the users unique exercising style. It combines the best attributes of a performance workout with infinite adjustability. So you want a long stride? You got it! You want a short stride? You got it! You want a stepper motion? You got it! It's all at the touch of a button without the need to stop the machine or take your feet off the pedals.

    Was £8,398.80

    Now £1,857.79 ex-VAT £2,229.35 inc-VAT

  • DK T22.2 Treadmill with Embedded Screen

    The Origin T22.2 offers the perfect combination of fashion, function and innovation. The T22.2 has all the features and design elements users have come to expect from their high end treadmill. From it’s integrated, high-definition 18.5 inch touchscreen with multiple built in entertainment options, to a wide-open solid frame design.

    Was £9,598.80

    Now £2,241.08 ex-VAT £2,689.30 inc-VAT