Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are a staple cardiovascular training tool in the fitness world due to the numerous health benefits gained from using them. If you are searching for a cardio machine that is low impact on your joints, look no further than one of our rowing machines. They provide a low-impact total body workout which has reduced weight bearing compared to running, ultimately helping to reduce strain on joints across the body. Much like rowing a boat on the water, a stationary rowing machine can help to build muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function, and increase stamina.

Great for both beginners and more experienced cardio bunnies, they help everyone increase cardio endurance, flexibility, and agility. This is why they are so popular among strength and endurance athletes in HIIT style training classes or CrossFit gyms around the world. We have a number of models offering different programs and resistance levels so you can push to the maximum to get the most out of training. Each rowing machines comes with additional features allowing you to take a more tailored approach to your training.

Types of rowing machines

Traditional Rowing Machines: If you’re looking for the perfect way to get fit this year, then look no further than our range of rowing machines. If you’re looking for something a little different consider our Origin Storm Rower or the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine. Both are best in class high performance rowing machines with a range of technological features that make them perfect for busy commercial environments or home gyms if adequate space is available.

Ski erg/Ski Machine: Around since the 80's these machines have boomed over the last decade and are commonly found in many gyms across the globe today. They provide a phenomenal workout building strength, stamina, and endurance in a mock ski movement emulating those seen in cross country skiing. They now form a part of many different athletic training regimes such as CrossFit, Hyrox, and it's original purpose of Nordic ski training. Check out our Origin Storm Ski Trainer or the original Concept 2 Skierg to see the benefits of this training style for yourself today.

Benefits of a rowing machine

  • Strengthen major muscle groups in the back, shoulder, and arms
  • Improve overall cardiovascular fitness levels
  • Provides a low-impact total body workout
  • Reduces strain on joints
  • Develop power, stamina, and endurance
  • Great alternative to treadmills or elliptical machines
  • Increased energy levels with prolonged use


If you are still looking for a bit more information on which rowing machine is right for you, then check out our rowing machine buying guide or take a look at the rest of our cardio range . If you can't find the answers you are looking for, our team is always happy to help! Get in touch with them at [email protected] or call us on 0333 2000 750.

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