Centric 3 Tribes Case Study

Taking a fitness concept and turning it in to something people have not encountered before is no small task, especially in a city as big as London. Yet, this is exactly what Daniel Percival from Centric:3Tribes has achieved with his three-way fitness formula in his North London facility.


To offer his clients a unique experience, Daniel required top-quality equipment to match his goals of creating a premium boutique facility. The objective was to expand his existing YogaCentric brand, and include Warrior (high intensity group sessions) and Rider (indoor cycling classes) as new ‘tribes’ within the offering. Daniel needed fitness equipment which would withstand high volume usage for extended periods of time.

Centric:3Tribes 1

Design & Equipment

As with a lot of London facilities, the majority of Centric:3Tribes is located underground. It was essential for Daniel to keep the “tribes” separate from each other to allow them to specialise, but it was equally important that they remained close by for convenience.

In order to achieve this, the indoor ‘Rider’ room was kept separate from the ‘warrior’ room, both decorated in their own unique style with fully customisable lights and sound systems. The rooms are linked through an atrium with refreshment facilities to build a single community feel.

Centric:3Tribes 2

Through an initial partnership with Stages Cycling, the ‘Rider’ room was created, following which Origin Fitness was brought in to establish the ‘Warrior’ room. This room consists of two training zones; the first cardio focused and the second focused on functional and strength training.

In order to cater to a full class of members, Origin Fitness installed 15 Impulse RT700 treadmills along the length of one wall. At the far end of the room, over 40 sets of Origin Pro Rubber Dumbbells and a range of Origin Competition Kettlebells offer the club sufficient free weights for a fully booked class to train at once.

Turning back around, the left hand side of the room hosts 15 PT4Pro suspension training straps mounted to the ceiling, beneath which 15 Reebok Steps and Aerobic mats are strategically laid out to designate workout stations for all the participants.

Centric:3Tribes 3


The equipment, combined with the excellent AV set-up and advanced lighting installation, have created a surprisingly bright basement fitness facility. The full gym environment is completely in sync with the club’s ethos of offering a premium training experience. Centric:3Tribes offers a simple and luxurious escape for the city’s fitness enthusiasts wanting to specialise in HIIT, cycling, yoga, or indeed any combination of these.

Centric:3Tribes 4


Working with a customer who knows how to create an exclusive atmosphere from scratch has been a treat. Using his design experience and vision from YogaCentric and combining it with our knowledge of high intensity training requirements, has allowed all parties to thoroughly enjoy both the process as well as the end result.

Kenny Wattam, Senior Sales Manager Origin Fitness

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