LifesCycle Spinning Studio Case Study

Scotland’s only dedicated Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Studio opened its doors in November 2009. The LifesCycle team members have drawn on their own life experiences and skills and melded them together to turn their dream into the unique and real experience that is LifesCycle.

LifesCycle Spinning Studio

The Objective - Never Give Up Your Dreams!

The LifesCycle team have worked with Anytime Leisure since the inception of the studio and have appreciated the time, expertise and knowledge that Josh Bicknell (Director at Anytime Leisure), in particular has shared with them, to enable them to procure the best exercise equipment for LifesCycle.

Josh knew that they were a small community driven business with limited resources, but he recognised too that they had passion and a drive that would overcome what they lacked in the way of facilities to create a unique and positive space to keep the Spinning® mantra moving forward. Anytime wanted to help, wanted to help them realise their dream - and that's what they have achieved.

LifesCycle Spinning Studio

The Equipment

The Spinning Studio is equipped with 40 top of the range Spinner NXT Spin Bikes, cared for lovingly by Steve, the LifesCycle mechanic, who recognises the precision required and the importance of these best assets supplied by Anytime Leisure.

The bikes are the tools of our trade, our livelihood and we need the best there is.”

Andy Hunter, Owner, LifesCycle Spinning Studio.

LifesCycle Spinning Studio


Without the help and freely given advice of Josh, we would have been hard pushed to get things off the ground”

Andy Hunter, Owner, LifesCycle Spinning Studio.

LifesCycle Spinning Studio

The Outcome

Josh has been a loyal and supportive member of the LifesCycle coaching team from day one and commands busy and popular classes every week. The team think it's important that the guy who supplies the bikes, knows them, rides them and loves them as much as they do. He is always on hand to share fitness and personal training experience and can make even the most apprehensive rider feel at ease with his warm and friendly personality.

Anytime has shown LifesCycle that it's much more than a corporate and industry focused brand. As well as exuding professionalism and technical know how, we care about the everyday guys and are always keen to get involved on the ground too.

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