Meadow Centre Spinning Studio Case Study

After completing a major refurbishment at West Dunbartonshire Leisure’s (WDL) Meadow Centre in 2013, Origin Fitness returned to the facility to install a specialist Spinning studio to further enhance their offering.

With Spinning and indoor cycling consistently being one of the most popular group exercise classes on offer in health clubs and local authority gyms, it was important for West Dunbartonshire to have a facility in their flagship Meadow Centre that was up to the same exceptional standard as the main fitness suite.

Meadow Centre Spinning Studio

The Equipment

The Meadow Centre already had an impressive range of industry leading equipment in the main fitness suite which included Star Trac Cardio machines and eSpinner bikes. The decision to install this great brand of equipment is obviously one WDL are pleased with, as they have also chosen to fill the Spinning studio with 20 brand new Spinner Pro+ bikes.

One of the advantages of having installed the new Pro+ Spinning bikes is the patent pending drive train (also present on the Blade ION), that surpasses any other bike on the market with regards to strength, which is incredibly important when looking at bikes that will be in use as frequently as those at the Meadow.

Meadow Centre Spinning Studio

Branding and Wall Images

The interior design within the Spin studio is simple yet stylish and consistent with the West Dunbartonshire Leisure branding around the rest of the Meadow Centre. Along the smaller two walls at the front and back of the studio, WDL have used a ‘wordle’ style design that is really engaging and motivational with text including words like; focus, strength, group, energy etc.

On one of the side walls, WDL have used the cycling silhouette that Origin Fitness designed for the main fitness suite and on the opposite wall, have hung a selection of black and white cycling images on canvas. The graphics they've chosen are clear and interesting, but don’t make the room look too busy, which can happen with full wall size images – as impressive and impactful as these are.

Meadow Centre Spinning Studio

The Outcome

The new studio has gone down incredibly well with members and the Spinning programme at Meadow already includes at least 14 classes each week with an extra class designed especially for younger users in addition to this.

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