Chrysalis Fitness and Nutrition Lab Case Study

After careful consideration of the gym design, equipment layout and how to make the most of the 92 square metre facility, Chrysalis Fitness and Nutrition Lab opened it's doors for the first time. The end result is a personal trainer studio that effectively utilises every square metre of available floor space.

Chrysalis Fitness Lab - Corby

The Objective

Neil Irving, owner of Chrysalis Fitness and Nutrition Lab, wanted to create a small gym studio that could be used for one-to-one personal training, semi-private clients and small group fitness training.

Having only 92 square metres to utilise, Neil was looking to make the most of the available small studio space, while not sacrificing the type of fitness training he could offer his clients.

Neil was also looking to add an area to the studio that would allow for modern functional training methods to ensure his facility catered to the latest training programmes and also offered additional gym equipment that other facilities in the local area were not providing.

Chrysalis Fitness Lab - Corby

Gym Design and Planning

Throughout the design and planning stage of the project, Origin Fitness offered on-going support with design, specification and product advice. After many amendments and iterations through the use of 3D gym visuals, Neil settled on a design and layout that he believed was the most suitable for the type of training his clients were used to and would allow for maximum use of the gym facility.

When I first started looking at properties, I never believed 92 sq/m would have been big enough for the personal trainer studio I wanted to create.

Ryan and the team at Origin Fitness proved me wrong!

Neil Irving, Chrysalis Fitness and Nutrition Lab.

3D Gym Design of Chrysalis Fitness Lab - Corby


I would recommend Origin Fitness to absolutely anybody who is looking to open their own gym studio or fitness facility - The service, quality of products and level of expertise has been remarkable.

I truly can't thank Ryan and the team at Origin Fitness enough for the support and service on this project.

Neil Irving, Chrysalis Fitness and Nutrition Lab.

Chrysalis Fitness Lab - Corby


Through careful consideration of the requirements and understanding the constraints of the facility, the new Chrysalis Fitness and Nutrition Lab provides it's clients with a modern small gym studio that can incorporate the latest functional training methods into every training session.

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