Hibernian Football Club Case Study

Origin Fitness have been working in partnership with Hibernian Football Club throughout 2015 to help the Scottish Championship club enhance the fitness equipment provision at their East Lothian training facility.

Hibernian FC, Ormiston

Origin Fitness has built up a relationship with the club's Head of Sports Science Fitness, Craig Flannigan. Craig has worked with Origin Fitness in an advisory capacity over the past two years, sharing his expertise in high performance sports training to help develop the company's offering and carry out product testing as well as helping us understand the unique equipment needs of top level professional sports clubs.

Ormiston Training Facility

The Hibernian FC training facility at Ormiston, East Lothian is used by academy and youth team players in addition to the first team, so the equipment is required to be of a quality that is appropriate for this level of high performance athlete. This requirement is one which Origin Fitness is proud to deliver upon as a preferred equipment partner of the club.

Hibernian FC, Equipment

Spinning for Recovery

The most recent project at Hibernian Football Club has been the provision of equipment for a top of the range Spinning Studio.

On Sunday, after a game on Saturday, the team usually has an active recovery session. This consists of cycling on the Spinning Bikes for 20-30 minutes at 60% of maximum heart rate, providing an appropriate non-weight bearing training stimulus.

On Monday there will be an extended recovery session to ensure that physiologically the focus is still on making sure the players are fully recovered 48 hours after the game, which is often when tiredness and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) sets in. Generally it's a light day focusing on recovery before the higher intensity work on Tuesday and Thursday.

Spinning and indoor cycling provides the club a great tool for improving and supplementing the pitch based work with the players.

Hibernian FC, Ormiston
The addition of the Spinning Studio will assist in creating a performance culture within the club. Our weekly training programmes vary depending on the training phase (closed season, pre-season or in-season), the number of games in the week, and the individual's training status. For instance, after the match on Saturday the recovery process will commence immediately."

Craig Flannigan, Head of Sports Science and Fitness

Hibernian FC, Spinning for Recovery

Choosing the Right Equipment

Hibernian FC chose to install a full set of the latest Spinner Black Belt NXT bikes along with Spinning Computers which have been one of our most popular solutions of 2015 so far. This model of the NXT has a unique Poly-V Kevlar belt drive system which requires minimal maintenance and a smooth, silent ride which is unrivalled by any other bike currently on the market.

To supplement the Spinner bikes installed, Origin Fitness also supplied the club with the most recent model of Wattbike Pro. The Wattbike is an exceptional tool for advanced training in both cycling and more generally in sports conditioning. The Sports Science and Medical Department the club will be able to use the Wattbike to monitor a wide variety of metrics that will provide them with detailed insight into the fitness levels of their players.

Prior to this most recent install, Origin Fitness provided a variety of products and solutions for the club ranging from fitness flooring and a half rack, to medicine balls, suspension training systems and a range of Origin Fitness accessories.


Find out more about Hibernian FC at http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/

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