Western Health and Racquets Club

Western Health & Racquets Club


Western Health and Racquets club is one of Glasgow’s oldest tennis and racquet sports clubs, and is located in the city’s busy West End.

The club has evolved greatly in the past 16 years, as have the facilities it owns and operates. Since the 1990’s the club has made changes to both its facility offering and business model to enable it to develop, evolve and become a thriving and successful sports club.


Western Health Club Gym


Putting in the gym has helped Western Health & Racquets enormously. It's allowed us to make upgrades to our facilities that would have been almost impossible otherwise.

Ian Campbell, Club Manager, Western Health and Racquets Club


Having worked with Origin Fitness in 2013 to set up the initial fitness suite within the club, Western Health & Racquets owner Ian Campbell recognised that it was time to upgrade their equipment offering in 2017. In doing so, he aimed to create a brand new look for the fitness suite, and to use state-of-the-art equipment to set the club apart from any nearby competition.

The Equipment

To support Ian in this project, Origin Fitness supplied the club with high-tech Intenza Fitness cardio equipment, including the 550 Series Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Upright Bike and Escalate. The superior design of these machines blends in seamlessly with the new modern colour scheme, creating a high-end feel to the entire room. Bringing in some additional pieces of high intensity cardio equipment like the Concept 2 Rowers and Skierg, as well as a Wattbike and StairMaster AirFit means users have a range of options for their training, whether they want to take it easy or go all out.

On the first floor, visible from the cardio zone through the mezzanine, Western Health and Racquets host a fully equipped strength zone which offer a selection of Origin free weights, racks as well as fixed resistance equipment, ensuring the club offers members of all fitness levels the ability to train comfortably and safely.

The Outcome

The gym has a premium look and feel, making excellent use of the bright walls and large windows to create a bright and open space. Breaking up the cardio zone from the strength area means there is plenty of room to move around the zones, and spreads users out evenly throghout the space.

Western Health and Racquets Club now bring in revenue from three main areas; Tennis, Squash and Gym Memberships, Coaching and Personal Training, and the Bar. The new revenue created by the gym and fitness facilities has undoubtedly been the aspect which has allowed them to maintain their reputation for providing a great quality of racquet sports facility and supporting as many as five men's and five women's tennis teams alongside their extensive juniors programmes.

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