Functional Training Equipment

Functional training equipment is versatile as it can easily be used at home, in a gym or part of a workout class. It can offer a full-body workout by targeting multiple muscle groups, improving your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Benefits of Functional Training

An added bonus of functional training is that it helps your body adapt better to both weight training and everyday tasks outside of the gym. That’s because the exercises designed to be performed with functional training equipment mimic those tasks you perform in your daily life.

There is a large variety of exercises that can be performed with functional training equipment and most movements can be easily modified to suit the users fitness level and training goals.

Functional Training Products

We offer a range of functional training equipment. A popular choice are sandbags, or power bags. These weighted bags are available in a range of weights and are incredibly durable. They are perfect for building strength and speed.

Medicine balls, slam balls and wall balls can also be found in our range. These are a great tool to build explosive arm power and are fun to use in group class settings.

Sleds are also used to build both upper and lower body muscles, and are a great tool for overall conditioning and increased calorie burn. As are resistance bands, battle ropes and suspension training.

Functional Storage

As functional training products are popular for group workouts, it is important that you offer a storage solution. Our Functional Storage range helps keep your space tidy so that the focus is purely on your workout.


If you are looking for advice on what functional equipment best suits you, read our blog post on the Top 8 Functional Products You Should Consider. You can also contact our sales team who would be happy to help you advise. Email us on [email protected] or call us on 0333 2000 750

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