Plyo Boxes

Plyo boxes are used in plyometric training or jump training. This style of training can help build speed, power and coordination which is often used to enhance the performance of strength orientated lifts.

Plyo Box Exercises

A range of different exercises can be performed using a plyometric box to work your whole body. Box jumps and depth jumps are a good choice to increase your explosive power and improve your vertical jump. Step ups and calf raises can be performed on the box for a leg workout, and push ups and dips for an arm workout. If you are looking for plyo box workout inspiration, check out this blog on The Top 5 Plyo Box Exercises.

A plyo box alone can be more than enough for a full body workout, but if you are looking to increase the intensity, why not add a sandbag, kettlebell or dumbbells to give yourself a challenge?

Which Box to Choose?

We offer a range of plyo boxes to suit your needs. Multi-sided plyometric boxes have 3 heights to choose from all in one box. This is helpful for the user to progress their box jumps onto the next height. There is no assembly required to increase the height of the box, making a smooth transition during your workout.

Stackable plyo boxes are exactly that – stackable. They allow users to add on new layers to jump higher. They are essentially limitless to height, so your capabilities will not get stunted. Stackable plyo boxes are secured on by hook and loop fasteners to ensure minimal movement during your workout.

Wooden plyo boxes give users a more stable base to perform exercises, meaning a lower risk of injury. Wooden boxes are also less susceptible to wear and tear, making them a great investment.


If you are still not sure on what box suits your needs, our team are happy to help. Contact us on [email protected]or call us on 0333 2000 750.

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