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Free weights training is a critical provision for almost all types of gym. At Origin Fitness we’ve developed our ranges of dumbbells, barbells, Olympic bars, plates and accessories in order to meet the diverse free weights needs of our clients.

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  • PoweR Discs - PVC Olympic Technique Weight Lifting Disc
    PoweR Discs - PVC Olympic Technique Weight Lifting Discs are strong and durable Olympic discs / bumper plates, which were designed with training performance in mind, perfect for beginner lifters, those who coach lifting, personal trainers, sports clubs, schools, Crossfit clubs, gyms and home gyms. Using these technique weights, learning lifts such as snatch and clean and jerk, will be easy, as they allow the lifter to adopt a correct stance from the very start, when performing weightlifting skills.

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Kit out your free weight area with our top of the range free weights and weights accessories, including dumbbells, bars and barbells, kettlebells and weight storage racks.