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Free weights training is a critical provision for almost all types of gym. At Origin Fitness we’ve developed our ranges of dumbbells, barbells, Olympic bars, plates and accessories in order to meet the diverse free weights needs of our clients.

Weights, Free Weights and Gym Weights

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  • Origin 3kg Slam Ball
    The Origin Slam Balls can be used to work every muscle in the body. The sand filled balls do not bounce which makes them perfect for throwing against the floor or walls. This explosive exercise trains muscles in ways that traditional workouts don't.
    £10.45 ex-VAT £12.54 inc-VAT
  • Origin Aluminium Olympic Technique Bar

    The Origin Aluminium Technique Bar is perfect for improving Olympic lifting technique without having the use a full weight bar. Paired with technique plates users get the full Olympic lifting experience with a reduced weight. This enables users to train specific lifts easier.

    £142.08 ex-VAT £170.50 inc-VAT
  • Origin 10kg Technique Bar
    Origin 10kg Technique Bar
    £195.00 ex-VAT £234.00 inc-VAT
Kit out your free weight area with our top of the range free weights and weights accessories, including dumbbells, bars and barbells, kettlebells and weight storage racks.