Powerbags and Sandbags

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  • Origin Sandbags
    Origin Sandbags 2018

    Starting at: £41.56 ex-VAT £49.87 inc-VAT

  • Origin Sandbags - PU Carbon Texture with Air Holes
    The new Origin Sandbags are specifically designed to withstand the most rigorous of workouts.

    Starting at: £52.00 ex-VAT £62.40 inc-VAT

  • Origin Sandbag and Powerbag Rack

    The Origin Sandbag rack holds 5 sandbags. Highly durable frame with inner support stops bags from sagging in the middle and helps keep their shape. Lightweight frame makes transporting frame easy.

    £129.93 ex-VAT £155.92 inc-VAT
  • Bulgarian Bag
    Bulgarian Bags

    Starting at: £139.99 ex-VAT £167.99 inc-VAT

Sandbags are a totally functional ‘use anywhere’ soft to touch weight system. Although initially developed for elite sport and used by the England Rugby World cup winning squad, they were formally adopted by the armed forces.