Suspension Training Accessories

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  • Alpha Strong Snap Strap
    The AS Snap Strap™ is an interchangeable accessory designed to be used for wall hanging suspension with the AS Strong Strap™ and AS X-Strap™, and can also be used for lifting bars as well as attaching Thy Sandball™ to reps.

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  • Alpha Strong X-Strap
    The AS X-Strap™ is a double grip, multi-use strap. As part of the interchangeable Alpha Strong™ accessory system this strap provides a double grip option.

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  • Alpha Strong Power Hipster
    The AS Power Hipster™ is made from highly durable materials and proven to be comfortable, adjustable and is in our humble opinion best on the market.

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  • Origin Wooden Olympic Rings

    The Origin Wooden Olympic Rings are sold in pairs and supplied with their own individual strap - easily adjustable to hang from any height. A smooth textured finish offers an ease of transfer, for example a muscle up.

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  • Alpha Strong Tire Hook
    The AS Tire Hook™ is a heavy metal claw made to grip different size tires covered in heavy woven nylon webbing and Toughtek® rubber.

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  • Alpha Strong Strong Strap
    The AS Strong Strap™ is no ordinary strap. The AS Strong Strap™ is adjustable, interchangeable and the first of it's kind on the market to this day.

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  • TRX Xmount
    TRX Xmount
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  • TRX Home Suspension Trainer Kit
    The TRX HOME Suspension Trainer is a light weight, highly portable and scalable training system that can be set up anywhere. The HOME Kit comes with six Digital Video Workouts that can easily be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile device.
    £190.58 ex-VAT £228.70 inc-VAT
  • Origin Wall Mounted Pull Up Bracket

    The Origin Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar comes in either 1.5m or 2m lengths with 90cm of clearance form the wall. This allows users to safely and effectively do pull up or suspension based exercises from the bracket. The M12 size holes allows secure wall fastening.

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