Balance Trainers and Bosu Balls

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  • Origin Soft Weights
    Origin Soft Weights

    Starting at: £1.19 ex-VAT £1.43 inc-VAT

  • Origin Yoga Brick

    The Origin Yoga Blocks/Bricks are manufactured from a High-Density foam that is extremely lightweight, yet durable. Rounded edges and corners provide extra comfort.

    Starting at: £3.37 ex-VAT £4.04 inc-VAT

  • Origin Wobble Board
    Origin Wobble Board.

    Was £28.28

    Now £4.53 ex-VAT £5.44 inc-VAT

  • Origin Air Balance Disc
    Origin Air Balance Disc.
    £13.95 ex-VAT £16.74 inc-VAT
  • Origin Ab Mat

    Take your core workouts to the floor with the Origin Ab Mat. Built to last, the Origin Ab Mat can be used safely for all types of abdominal workouts, due to its vinyl covering, foam core and non-slip base.

    £15.74 ex-VAT £18.89 inc-VAT
  • Origin Ab Wheel

    The Origin Ab Wheel focuses tension on the abdominal muscles when performing the roll out exercises, making it the ideal tool for strengthing the stomach and obliques. The Ab Wheel features dual treaded wheels which provide stability, whilst the treads provide grip - preventing the wheels from slipping on smooth surfaces.

    £15.74 ex-VAT £18.89 inc-VAT
  • Origin Commercial Air Balance Trainer
    The Origin Commercial Air Trainer comes with a pump for inflation. The unit is 655mm in diameter, and when inflated is approximately 245mm tall.
    £125.12 ex-VAT £150.14 inc-VAT
  • Origin Air Balance Trainer Rack
    Origin Air Balance Trainer Rack
    £136.49 ex-VAT £163.79 inc-VAT