Plyometric Platforms

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  • Origin Plyo Box Exercise Poster

    The Origin Workout Posters provide guidance for gym users in safely and effectively performing exercises using various types of fitness equipment. Each poster focuses on a different equipment type to aid members through their exercise routine. All posters are laminated for durability.

    £29.00 ex-VAT £34.80 inc-VAT
  • Origin Wooden Multi Sided Plyo Box

    The Origin Wooden Plyo Box is an essential accessory that should be at the top of every gym’s shopping list. The simple solid 18mm Plywood construction offers a hard wearing and extremely stable plyometric box option for gyms of all types.

    £79.99 ex-VAT £95.99 inc-VAT
  • Origin Soft Plyo Boxes
    The Origin Soft Plyo Boxes enable powerful and dynamic plyometric exercises, without the risk of injury. The varying height options add varying degrees of difficulty to your workout.

    Starting at: £103.94 ex-VAT £124.73 inc-VAT

  • Origin Multi Sided Plyo Box (Black)
    Origin Multi Sided Plyo Box (Black)
    £215.25 ex-VAT £258.30 inc-VAT
  • Origin Functional Block

    This 25kg utility block can be used for anything from step-up, bench, agility drills, carrying and throwing.

    £108.90 ex-VAT £130.68 inc-VAT
  • Origin Wooden Jerk Box Set
    Origin Wooden Jerk Box Set
    £849.00 ex-VAT £1,018.80 inc-VAT