Cybex International Inc., have revealed their latest innovations in strength, cardio, and service which are due to premier in the UK later in 2015*.

In the strength department, Cybex unveiled the Prestige Strength VRS. With its sleek styling, this 21-piece line of selectorised strength based equipment is an exceptionally versatile piece of gym equipment. Perfect for ‘walkup and workout’ users, the Prestige Strength VRS is a great selection for anyone who desires a truly intuitive, effective and impressive workout experience.

Prestige Strength Prestige Strength
SPARC Trainer SPARC Trainer









In the cardio department, Cybex unveiled the SPARC Trainer which has been designed to meet the rising popularity of high intensity interval training, is Cybex’s most effective cardio experience ever. With its ‘get on and go’ technology, the SPARC Trainer delivers four benefits in four minutes:

  1. Burns calories
  2. Strengthens and shapes lower body
  3. Increases stamina
  4. Enhances endurance

Last but not least, in the service department, Cybex unveiled Cybex Care, a web-based asset management system that will reduce downtime and manage equipment usage. The system is designed to help gym owners save money, offer maintenance guidance, improve member experience and optimise performance.

This unique feature will be available on all Cybex 500, 600 and 700 Cardio Series.

To compliment Cybex Care, Cybex have also unveiled the Service Wheel. A central wheel fitted to the underside of heavy CV machines which allows gym staff to rotate, relocate, maintain and clean treadmills with great ease – allowing one person to do the work of two safely, simply and quickly.

Cybex International Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment for over 45 years and is fiercely committed to real results and meaningful innovations. Cybex designs and builds its products in the USA for a wide range of facilities, from commercial health clubs to home gyms, in more than 85 countries worldwide.

*Official UK launch dates tbc.