Every year, the Origin Fitness team sit down and look back at our projects to take a note of trends. We look at the gym design process, the end results and the way members have interacted with a space. This year, we thought we'd share a few stand-out projects we supported in 2018, in the hope you might find some inspiration in them.

FeelGood Fitness - Grantham

Created by industry expert Dave Wright, FeelGood Fitness in Grantham was an established community gym with all the expected training zones; a studio for group exercise, strength and toning equipment, plenty of cardio and a personal training service.

To refresh their offering and tap into the newly popular HIIT style of training, Dave worked with Origin Fitness to install a new studio, built to accommodate high-intensity group workouts and programmed around the MyZone training system.

The space exudes intensity and a sense of togetherness, dominated by the large HR monitoring screen and covered in sprint track turf to create a sense of the outdoors. All equipment faces the HR display screen and comes in rows of five, including the Speedfit Curved Treadmill and Concept 2 Ski Ergs.

Members are loving the new space and we are too! Check out their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/FeelgoodGrantham/

LIFT - Edinburgh

Owners Andy Smith and Laura Morrison decided to team up in 2018 and create Edinburgh's first performance inspired gym for users of all types. LIFT was a passion project that, following the conversion of an old shopping facility and the installation of a host of premium custom branded equipment, turned into a stunning training space for anyone interested in lifting their fitness game.

Spread over two floors, LIFT boasts over 19 platforms and 20 racks, specialist equipment, the latest embedded cardio machines and plenty of functional accessories. From the moment you first walk into the gym, it is clear the focus is to bring the best fitness equipment to anyone who trains here.

The high ceilings, colour scheme, range of equipment and little touches really show off the amount of thought spent on the design of the facility.


Fit City Ordsall - Manchester

Throw out any preconceptions you may have about a local authority operated fitness facility. Salford Community Leisure has taken a bold approach in turning an old bowling hall into an exciting CrossFit gym, turning a profit within two months is an incredible feat.

We created and installed this incredible training rig, flooring and all the accessories and cardio equipment, allowing large groups to train together and compete against one another. A fantastic space, and completely unexpected from a council-run facility, proving once again that as long as you can think it- you can probably do it too!

Check out the case study here >>

Valiant Performance - Newcastle

While the idea of setting up a personal training studio is certainly not a new one, it is always refreshing to see it done well. At Valiant Performance, Greg Williamson pulled together top quality equipment and finished it off with a considerable dose of interior design elements. Bespoke lighting, wall signs and other branding visually embody the high-quality training you can expect when booking a session.

The gym runs only on pre-booked sessions and small group classes, meaning the facility will continue to look high-end for a very long time.


The University of the West of Scotland - Hamilton

We are thrilled with this university gym, not only because they are Scotland's first educational facility to host a selection of the innovative Intenza Fitness cardio machines. Bring in a modular storage rig alongside some lifting racks, specialist flooring elements and superb HIIT cardio machines, and you've got yourself a gym any fitness enthusiast would be proud to be a member of.

In fact, UWS are such strong advocates for active lifestyles for everyone that they have made this gym, alongside every other campus gym within their portfolio, completely free to attend for any registered student. So in this case, it's not just a stunning gym, but also a business philosophy we hope will spread across the education sector in the UK.

P1 Gyms - Manchester

Looking to bring strength & conditioning workouts to the masses, P1 Gyms has opened an elite private member's gyms in the heart of Manchester. The space is based on a personal training studio with added interior design touches and improved performance equipment to create challenging and engaging workouts for members.

The P1 Gym catches your eye through splashes of colour and attention to detail from floor to ceiling. A large modular storage rig takes centre stage and provides ample storage for accessories and boxing bags while also adding support for suspension training and bodyweight exercises. Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area. https://www.p1gym.co.uk

The OPEN Championships,  Player's Gym - Carnoustie

This temporary training space was hailed by many of this year's pro golfers as the best gym they have been able to train in during any of events in their tournament calendar.

A complete gym was created for the players, to allow them and their coaches to train exactly the way they would in the run-up to the competition. With a free weight and weight lifting zone, performance focused cardio equipment including Wattbike Pro's, and a functional training rig packed to the brim with functional training accessories, the players made this gym their playground.

The gym looked bright, well stocked and ended up being very well used. It was almost a shame to break it down again at the end of the championships.

Tryst Sports Centre - North Lanarkshire

Five years after the initial installation, we helped North Lanarkshire Leisure with the refurbishment of their Tryst facility. Rows of cardio made way for a colourful functional training area, and weight lifting platforms were sunk into the flooring to save space and fit in more specialist lifting zones.

Combined with the right lighting, this space came together and reflects the very latest in industry trends.  Creating a community gym that members are excited to be a part of is always rewarding.



Club Soulgenic - Jersey

Jersey may not be the location that springs to mind for a boutique club setting a new standard in what gyms can offer, yet that's where you'll find Club Soulgenic. This club opened this year as a premium fitness and health facility for the island, offering professional support in a stunning gym setting. From flooring to storage and lighting to technological support, the club covers all the details to make sure member's have a perfect experience every single time.



Nuffield Health - Multi-Site Functional Zones

While not strictly full gym design projects, we still love the design and layout of Nuffield Health's new Athletic zones. In over 20 facilities, we brought in flooring with custom markings, functional rigs to equip the new functional zones. Finished with a big sprint track and a load of functional training accessories, these zones are built to accommodate large group sessions as well as personal workouts.


Tryst Strength Zone


See more of our most inspiring projects by visiting our Case Studies or speak to one of our team today about how we can help with your gym design needs.