Create Your Own Profitable Facebook Ads That Produce NEW Leads Every Month Of The Year

After two sold-out digital marketing workshops with digital marketing consultant Neil Maclean at Origin Fitness, we are delighted to announce the next Social Media Marketing Workshop.

Rather than a singular launch campaign, Neil will be taking his experience in working with gyms, training facilities and personal trainers on a month-to-month basis to teach you how to create (hands-on during the course) your own profitable adverts from scratch which you can use every month of the year to continuously create new leads.

What better way to learn than seeing what’s working for businesses just like yours, being talked through every step of re-creating these adverts for yourself and leaving with an active Facebook campaign?


Date | Thursday 14th June 2018

Venue | Origin Fitness, Edinburgh

Time | 10am - 4pm

Tickets | £75 p/p (inc lunch and refreshments during the day)

Availability | 25 spaces


Here's what you can expect:

  • What’s working on Facebook Ads for gym facilities and PT’s
  • How to create new leads EVERY month of the year
  • How to create custom audiences (such as people who visited your website but didn’t purchase)
  • How to create a marketing strategy that converts
  • How to create a compelling offer that converts directly from social media
  • How to write copy that sells to your market
  • How to create a detailed advert specific to those seeing it
  • How to create one advert for women and one for males, resulting in higher conversions
  • How to monitor the performance of an advert and edit for better results
  • How to look at advert results to see what works and what doesn’t
  • How to duplicate well-performing ads to quickly scale to new audiences for faster lead generation

With all of this, you’ll leave with your first advert created by you (with supervision) and running.

There is no better way to fast-track your social media results than to work with someone who’s worked with many businesses, had amazing results and to get hands-on in creating your own adverts alongside them.


What to bring:

  • An active Facebook Ads account
  • A Facebook tracking pixel on your website (if you need help with this before the event, Neil is happy to help you get this to your web developer so it’s in place and usable at the workshop)
  • A variety of images you can use for multiple adverts on the day
  • A small advert budget (£3+ per day for 5 days - £15 or more)
  • A laptop/macbook to take to the event

You need a few more things for this workshop than for previous ones. But this takes the past courses one step further by ending the event with your new adverts actively running.


Booking Tickets

There are only 25 spaces available on this course, which will solely be available through Eventbrite. The past events have sold out quickly, so make sure you secure your place early.

If knowing how to run profitable Facebook adverts that are easy to replicate monthly for new leads EVERY month would be incredible for your business, then don’t miss out on this event and secure your place today.

Tickets on-sale via Eventbrite now.


Click Hereto book your place.