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One of the oldest styles of training is regaining popularity, largely due to its versatility and accessibility. Boost your training with top quality equipment, and notice the difference.

Strength Training Equipment

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  • Tank Locking Kit (Quantity 2)

    The mechanism in the TANK resists your pushing and pulling force by braking the wheels. Torque recommends 270 lb to give the TANK the weight to keep the tires from locking up and skidding at levels 3 and 4 on various surfaces.

    £28.32 ex-VAT £33.98 inc-VAT
  • Tank Strap/Harness Tow Kit

    The Tow Kit expands the training functionality of the TANK. Tow, standing row, lateral sidestep, backward run are just a few things that the dual handled V-Strap, harness and tow strap allow.

    £101.12 ex-VAT £121.34 inc-VAT
  • Tank Tow Rope, 1.5 Inches x 30 Feet (38mm x 9.1m)

    The TANK Tow Rope transforms your TANK into an endless rope machine as well as a towing device.

    £125.38 ex-VAT £150.46 inc-VAT
  • Tank Performance Handle Kit (1 Set - 4 pieces)

    Created in response to feedback from coaches and trainers, new performance handles facilitate a lower running position, which is ideal for athletes and sport-specific conditioning.

    £165.97 ex-VAT £199.16 inc-VAT
  • Tank Group Accessory Kit

    The Group Accessory Kit provides multiples of all the TANK training tools so two users can train with the TANK simultaneously.

    £455.00 ex-VAT £546.00 inc-VAT
  • Group Anchor Station Battle Rope Package (4 Ropes)

    The XGASBRP4 packages four of our Torque 1-1/2″ x 30′ nylon covered battle ropes with the group anchor station. All that is needed to kick off small group battle rope training now is some mass to keep the XGAS in place.

    £850.20 ex-VAT £1,020.24 inc-VAT
  • Torque Tank GT Team Trainer Package

    The TANK™ GT package turns the TANK™ into a complete sled training system that you can program group classes around. The package combines the TANK™ M2 with the XTGAK group accessory kit.

    £1,695.00 ex-VAT £2,034.00 inc-VAT

Whether you are a home user or fitness club owner we can supply you with all the strength equipment you need to get up and running. We supply a wide variety of strength equipment from multiple different manufacturers so you'll never be low on choices. We're also not tied down to any one manufacturer so we will always reccommend the product that is right for your situation.