Lateral Pulldown Machines

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  • Impulse Escalate Lat Pulldown Machine
    Impulse Escalate Lat Pulldown (91kg stack)
    £1,499.00 ex-VAT £1,798.80 inc-VAT
  • Impulse IT Lateral Pulldown

    Impulse's commercial range is perfect for fitness club owners. IT Lateral Pull Down has a user friendly design that makes working out more effective and comfortable.

    £1,499.00 ex-VAT £1,798.80 inc-VAT
  • Impulse Sterling Lateral Pulldown
    Robust, effective and aesthetically appealing, this professional plate loaded line is designed to reproduce the feeling of using free weights.
    £1,619.00 ex-VAT £1,942.80 inc-VAT
  • Impulse Dual Lat Pull Down and Seated Row
    Lat Pull Down - Impulse Dual/Seated Row
    £1,789.00 ex-VAT £2,146.80 inc-VAT
  • Star Trac Inspiration Lat Pull Down
    Star Trac’s most exceptional strength offering ever is indeed the product of inspiration. It began with invaluable input from global industry fitness and biomechanics experts, facility operators and world-class engineers. Then we sought out current and potential users of strength equipment. Our findings informed every step of Inspiration Strength’s development. The result is a line that blends the most desirable attributes of traditional strength equipment, and improves upon them. From the precise curves of the frames and seamless integration of materials, to the ease of operation and flawless biomechanics, the Inspiration Strength® line offers the most aesthetically sophisticated and functionally superior strength equipment available.
    £2,336.73 ex-VAT £2,804.08 inc-VAT
  • Impulse Escalate Lat Pulldown and Vertical Row Machine
    Impulse Escalate Lat Pulldown and Vertical Row (91kg stack)

    Was £4,572.42

    Now £933.04 ex-VAT £1,119.65 inc-VAT

  • Nautilus Inspiration - Lat Pulldown
    A Stronger First Impression

    Proudly made in the USA, the Nautilus Inspiration line delivers a series of must have updates to an outstanding strength circuit. Redesigned with modern, uniform towers, Nautilus Inspiration makes a powerful first impression, improves floor space utilization and offers lines of sight superior to its predecessor.

    £4,788.93 ex-VAT £5,746.72 inc-VAT
  • Nautilus Human Sport - Lat/Pull

    With a design inspired by the graceful, natural motions of the humanbody, HumanSport® offers a truly unique and human way of conditioning.HumanSport® is so simple, so intuitive and so natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. Six dual-function, cable based machines act as twelve workout stations by utilizing dual weight stacks to provide a wide range of total body training. Paired with a variety of included programming designed by our own Master Trainers, HumanSport® makes a powerful addition to any facility.

    £5,999.00 ex-VAT £7,198.80 inc-VAT