Pilates Mats and Pilates Mat Accessories

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  • Origin Pilates Mat
    Pilates mat, also suitable for yoga and light stretching.

    Starting at: £5.78 ex-VAT £6.94 inc-VAT

  • Origin Wall Mounted Mat Hanger
    Origin Wall Mounted Mat Hanger
    £64.99 ex-VAT £77.99 inc-VAT
  • Origin Mat Hanger

    The Origin Mat Hanger is suitable for all Origin Mats with eyelets, keeping them safe, dry and tidy when they are not in use. Attachable hooks provides a customization of up to 4 hooks for various different styles of mats. Manufactured with 4 wheels and brakes, therefor manoeuvrability and stability is done with ease.

    £115.49 ex-VAT £138.59 inc-VAT
  • Origin Pilates Ring
    Origin Pilates Ring

    Starting at: £25.66 ex-VAT £30.79 inc-VAT