Vibration Plates and Power Plates

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  • Power Plate pro5
    The Power Plate is the industry standard commercial vibration training device. The PowerPlate Pro5 machines provide the ultimate experience in Acceleration Training exercise. This fantastic piece of fitness equipment has a larger number of settings for greater variation in health and fitness regimens, and the largest plate surface providing more exposure to vibrations.
    £6,245.83 ex-VAT £7,495.00 inc-VAT
  • Power Plate pro7
    The most advanced Power Plate is now the easiest to use.
    £9,162.50 ex-VAT £10,995.00 inc-VAT

Bone density: For as long as the many benefits of vibration plates have been known, it’s been just as well known that one of those benefits is that it helps with osteoporosis. While this is good for everyone (especially women,) it’s particularly useful for the elderly, as they often suffer from bone loss and brittle, weak bones.

Joint function: Condition such as arthritis affect the elderly in particular. A vibration plate helps improve joint function, meaning there’s less pain and again, the ability to do things once again.