Westfield Academy


Westfield Academy

WHO: Westfield Academy

WHERE: Watford, Hertfordshire

TYPE: School Gym

The Challenge:

Westfield Academy, nestled in the outskirts of London, sought to bolster its commitment to student well-being and community health through the establishment of a cutting-edge fitness centre. Collaborating with Origin Fitness, the school aimed to create a space that not only served the students but also extended its benefits to the school staff.

Westfield Academy

The primary challenge was to seamlessly integrate the gym within the school's premises while ensuring its appeal to both students and the staff. Additionally, the goal was to provide a diverse range of equipment to accommodate various fitness needs and promote a culture of wellness and healthy lifestyle.

Westfield Academy

The Solution:

Tailored Gym Design:

Origin Fitness worked closely with Westfield Academy to design a bespoke fitness centre that harmonized with the school's architecture. The resulting facility boasts a contemporary layout that entices students and staff members alike to participate in physical activities.

Westfield Academy

Diverse Equipment Range:

Origin Fitness curated a diverse selection of high-quality equipment, catering to a spectrum of fitness preferences and skill levels. The gym features a variety of free weights, including the Origin RB3 Barbell Set and Competition Bumper Plates, alongside an Origin Adjustable Pulley system.

Westfield Academy

In the cardio section, users can engage with equipment such as the Origin Storm Rower, Origin Storm Ski Trainer, and Origin Storm Air Bike, providing ample options for cardiovascular workouts. In the middle of the gym, uniquely designed, multi-functional equipment offers various exercise opportunities, including bench press, ball target exercise, triceps dips and platform jumps.

Westfield Academy

The Outcome:

The integration of the fitness centre within Westfield Academy has transformed the institution into a hub for physical activity and well-being, benefiting students, faculty, and the wider staff.

The diverse range of equipment provided by Origin Fitness ensures that users have access to tools tailored to their individual fitness goals and preferences.

The gym has become a beacon of fitness and wellness, embodying Westfield Academy's dedication to nurturing both the minds and bodies of its students and staff members alike.

Westfield Academy

Through the collaborative efforts of Westfield Academy and Origin Fitness, the school has reaffirmed its position as a leader in promoting holistic education and community development.

The gym installation stands as a testament to the power of partnership in creating environments that foster health, happiness, and vitality.

Westfield Academy


Their education is just as important as their lifestyle and wellbeing, so we really want to make sure we help them leave here as mature adults. The variety of equipment, like the power rack and weight plates allows the students to work on their form and develop safe lifelong gym skills that they can take into the world with them as adults. They just love it, the students and staff both like spending time in our gym and I know the students especially love being able to use the same equipment they see the adults using.

Brad, PE Teacher at Westfield Academy

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