Studio 37

Studio 37

Erica Pease wanted to bring the women of Shepton Mallet and surrounding areas the opportunity to discover a love for fitness. Starting with a 50 sqm barn conversion, she worked hard to create a unique, vibrant and welcoming space in which small groups and individuals can feel free and safe to start their fitness journey.

The Goal

The driving force behind Studio 37 was, and remains, to empower women to realise or rediscover what their bodies are capable of. Many of my clients haven't exercised for years, and therefore think they hate exercise, but my aim is to show them there is an alternative to running on a treadmill for hours on end, and I give my level best to help them fall in love with it.Erica Pease - Founder and Owner, Studio 37

Studio 37 benches and board


It was important that I would be able to offer small group training, because for me personally that was the game-changer in me finding exercise enjoyable. I basically created a space that I would like to train in, and thankfully other people agree that it is a great space to be in!

Studio 37 PT and group training weights

The Project

Studio 37 is a women-only gym space, so it was important to me that the space felt welcoming and un-intimidating. Many of my clients have never used a barbell or lifted a weight in any way before, so the design of the space was important from the start (and it is one of the reasons that people have decided to give Studio 37 a try).

I had the essentials right from the beginning; squat rack, dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, etc , many of which were leftovers from when I was a mobile PT. I have been able to see how the space works and have added extra equipment every month. Every time I buy something new, I try to balance out what I need more of, and what new things I can bring in without compromising my space.

Studio 37 battleropes

The Results

We opened in July and so far the feedback has been amazing. In the short time that we've been open it has been great to see people grow to love lifting heavy weights, and the way it makes them feel.

Working with Origin Fitness

Working with Origin Fitness was great - considering I pretty much always missed my account Manager Archie's calls, and kept changing my mind to fit my budget, he was incredibly patient and accommodating. In the end, I think I got the perfect amount and mixture of equipment to start my business with. His product knowledge was second to none and he was able to advise perfectly on what I should be looking at, and what I should consider later on.


Studio 37 Exterior

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