Strength equipment forms the backbone of most gyms which is why they can be found in commercial gyms, personal training studios, and home gyms. Strength equipment covers several areas but is mainly used to increase strength, develop power and build muscle. Across our strength equipment range, we offer hard-wearing and durable Racks, Rigs, Strength Machines, Weight Benches, and Weightlifting Platforms.

Our range has something to cover all bases. Our focus has always been on providing performance-focused equipment designed to build real strength. We can offer strength equipment that works for beginners through to elite athletes making it perfect for a variety of gyms. If you need help deciding which equipment to choose from we have more in-depth buying guides looking at Power Racks, Functional Training Rigs, and Weight Benches.

Our Strength Equipment


Strength equipment comes in many forms but Racks are considered the core piece of equipment needed for strength training. Multiple exercises can be performed with a rack, especially if you add in a barbell and weight plates. Whether it's for squatting, benching, or pressing we have a range of rack types to suit every space.

Power Racks and Squat Racks allow a wide range of exercises to be performed and are compatible with many attachment types which increases their versatility. If a more compact solution is needed then our Squat Stands and Folding Racks are a fantastic choice, they can be moved easily or stored away quickly making them perfect for smaller spaces.


Rigs are typically found in larger commercial and specialist gyms, proving a popular choice for anyone training for events like Hyrox or CrossFit. Offering the ultimate level of control over the design, look, and equipment choice, our rigs have an almost endless number of setup choices. We currently offer two ranges, our Performance Series and Elite Series which both have their own attachment ranges and come in various configurations to suit different gym types.

If extra storage is required for accessories or additional shelving is needed to store extra free weights, then our gym design team can customise the rig for you when creating the design. We also offer both free standing and wall mounted rigs to offer additional flexibility when it comes to choosing where the rig will be mounted in the gym.

Weight Benches

Weight Benches are a staple in any strength facility expanding the capabilities of Rigs and Racks. We currently stock a wide range to support strength training including our best-selling adjustable weight bench which can be easily moved into different positions allowing a range of exercises to be performed. If you’re looking for a standard weight bench then our flat bench. is also a great option.

We stock Olympic Benches as well which are perfect for lifting and come in flat, incline, decline, and adjustable variants. Finally, our range of specialist benches allows more targeted training like our Sissy Squat Machine for developing defined quads or the Chin Dip Machine which is perfect for hitting a range of muscle groups.

Strength Machines

Strength Machines are designed for all abilities. These machines come in the widest number of variations and allow targeted training of specific muscle groups. Starting with our Plate Loaded Ranges these simple stations require only weight plates to function. This can make them a cost-effective option for smaller spaces such as home gyms.

Single Station and Dual Function Machines are where strength equipment starts to become more versatile. As the names suggest single station machines allow targeted training for specific muscle groups like a lat pulldown or leg extension, whereas dual station machines give you two for the price of one like the rear delt/pec fly.

In addition, we also stock Cable Machines which are a safe resistance alternative to free weights that can be used with a range of accessory types. Working on a single plane of motion they are a great option for fixing muscular imbalances when using a single handle. We also have Smith Machines for anyone looking for a safer alternative to traditional squats or bench pressing.

Weight Lifting Platforms

Our weight lifting platforms are constructed to protect gym flooring. They are a great station for performing Olympic lifts and deadlifts without harming the subflooring. They also provide an even surface that provides a solid base for lifting, preventing injury and giving anyone the confidence to maximise their performance in the gym.

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