Exercise Mats

Exercise mats are used before, during and after workouts making them the ideal station to base your workout from. They offer comfort during your floor work exercise routine and are a necessity for classes such as yoga and Pilates. As they are cushioned, they offer protection for your body, in particular, your joints as they provide a soft area to work out on. This in turn, reduces your chance of injury.

They are also a great solution to place under your at-home cardio equipment to prevent damage to your flooring through scratches and perspiration during your cardio workout.

They are easy to roll up so taking them to your gym session or yoga class is a breeze. Exercise mats can be placed anywhere, making working out flexible!

Benefits of exercise mats

  • Easy to store and transport to and from the gym
  • Offer comfort for your floor exercises
  • Reduces noise
  • Prevents damage to your flooring and equipment
  • Keep sweat off of your floor or carpet
  • Easy to clean after use

Pair your exercise mat with a range of conditioning equipment to bring your workout to life. If yoga is your sport of choice, why not purchase a or bands to make your practice work for you? Or if Pilates is more your game, check out our medicine balls or sandbags to add an extra challenge.

If you are buying multiple mats for your facility, make sure to consider mat storage solutions to keep exercise mats off of the gym floor and in a convenient place for your members.


If you need some advice in choosing the right mat for you, consult our Exercise Mat Buying Guide or talk to our friendly team by emailing [email protected] , calling us on 0333 2000 750 or chatting to us on our online chat.

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