The Open Championship


The Open Championship

WHO: The Open Championship


TYPE: Sports Performance


The Open is a special yearly event that everyone here at Origin looks forward to. It's a pleasure that we can look back on it knowing we played our part.

Matthew O'connor - Account Manager
The Open


The Open Championship, one of the major golf championships in the world, calls out the best players from around the globe. Participants are on the search to hold the championship title on historic grounds. Our leading industry experience has meant we have supplied pop-up gyms and high-end equipment to The Open Championship for over 5 years.

We have been excited year on year to deliver optimal training spaces for the players in both the men's and women's tournaments. The goal for each gym installed is to deliver the best options in equipment to help players keep their bodies and minds at the highest level. These gyms remain at the site of the Championship for the duration of the tournament, which is around 2 weeks.

The open


Our most recent project was with the Royal Liverpool Golf Club for the 151th Open tournament. The result was a space that players and their personal trainers could utilise to achieve their specific training goals.

We delivered solutions for different areas such as:

Strength Training

Functional training allows players to build core resistance and strength, which is key to performance during the game. For this we supplied them with Performance Series Power Racks along with our Urethane Bumper Plates, Olympic Weightlifting Bars, Hex Bars, Multi-Grip Bars and four Origin Multi Adjustable Benches. This provides multiple options for players to build endurance, control and work specific muscle groups used throughout the game.

We also installed an Origin Elite Storage Rig with attachments such as Pull up Bars and Dip Handles. This Elite Rig holds Sandbags, Mats, Gym balls, Medicine Balls, Mini Power Bands and other accessories. Last but not least, we provided aFitbox Bench, holding our Urethane Hex Dumbbells for localised strength exercises.

Free Weight training is a must for golf players, not necessarily to build bigger muscles, but to build arm strength for better control of the swing which is key to success.

Our UD3 Dumbbells were the best choices as these are suitable for a variety of different exercises. To store these, we supplied our Origin Premium 10-Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack.

The open


The addition of cardio machines was an important choice to help players maintain stamina for their game. For this, an Origin Storm Curved Treadmill and OC5 Bikes were chosen.

The open


The Open Championship has been one of the main sporting events throughout the years, with amazing players going for the title and millions of eyes on them. We were honoured to work alongside them to provide an elite training environment where players could thrive.

It was great to offer our services and create a trendy training space for the best golfing athletes around the world to use.

Matthew O'connor - Account Manager
the open

See just some of the kit installed:

UD3 Dumbbells
Elite Series
Origin Urethane Bumper Plates

Thank you for choosing Origin for this project, it was a pleasure!

Take a look at the 150th Open Tournament over on our Youtube channel!

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