Cable Machines

No matter your level of fitness a high-quality cable machine is perfect for helping you to achieve your fitness goals. Resistance comes from lifting the weight stack using the many different types of cable attachments available. Doing this allows a wide range of muscle groups across the body to be targeted to develop strength and build muscle. Whether building out a commercial performance centre or home gym, you should consider adding a cable machine.

The number of workouts that can be completed with a cable machine are almost endless especially if you have a few different attachments. Why should you choose a cable machine? To start with they are a safer option compared with free weights, as if you are having difficulty lifting they can simply be returned to their starting point without any risk of dropping onto yourself. They are also great for fixing muscular imbalances as you are forced to use the weights with correct form working on a single plane of motion.

Depending on what you’re looking for cable machines come in a range of sizes and types from simple Hi/Lo Pulley systems to larger 8 Stack Multi Stations. At Origin Fitness we have a wide range of cable machines on offer from smaller adjustable pulleys perfect for home gyms right up to bigger cable machines for commercial gyms such as our cable crossover. Check out our products below for more details and to find out which is right for your gym.

Our Cable Machines

Origin Hi/Lo Pulley: This machine has a small footprint, making it ideal for space conscious gyms. It has a sleek design, matte powder coating, premium aluminium adjustment knobs, and an iron shroud that allows it to fit perfectly into any gym environment.

Alpha Series Dual Adjustable Pulley: New and improved this machine brings the versatility you expect from a commercial Dual Adjustable Pulley into a stylish new minimalist design. A compact design means space is no longer an issue is slightly larger home gyms or PT studios.

Origin Adjustable Pulley: This cable machine has a strong steel construction and modern powder coated iron shrouds with a design that allows it to fit flush in any gym space. It has two 100kg weight stacks, internal training guides, and includes a wide range of chrome cable attachments to compliment the stacks.

Impulse Multifunctional Cable Machine: This cable machine is one of our latest additions offering a new way to target muscle groups through air resistance. The design makes it functional for all your standard cable exercises, but the dual arms adds a unique ability that allows users to train with it through sport specific movements.

Origin Cable Crossover: This cable crossover is combined of two Origin Hi/Lo Pulley stations and uses the Origin Cable Crossover Bar to connect it all together. These cable machines can be connected to the Origin Stack Multi Stations for an even more varied workout if space allows, this is a popular choice in larger commercial facilities.

Origin 4 Stack, 5 Stack, & 8 Stack Multi Stations:This cable machine is the perfect centre piece for commercial gyms, offering a number of stations for members to enjoy. These are the perfect cable machine if you are looking for the most variety and can typically be found in large gyms where appropriate space can be found. Cables offer endless possibilities due to the variety of attachments that come with the machine and additional cable attachments can be added to provide members with even more choice.

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