Xercise4Less Case Study

Xercise4Less Flooring Case Study


Xercise4Less have partnered with Origin Fitness to fulfill their need for a unique flooring solution within their facilities across the UK. To make sure their sites stand out, Origin Fitness have rolled out a series of indoor running tracks, customised per site to bring an extra edge to a well established, popular gym chain.

Xercise4less Flooring

Getting to Know X4L

Xercise4Less pride themselves on offering top quality facilities and services at a budget price range. Casually nicknamed "The People's Gym", X4L have made a mark by aquiring large sq footage facilities at close proximity to the UK's largest cities, in order to cater to members otherwise faced with only luxury leisure facilities. Though their membership prices are low, and they offer no-contract memberships, their facilities do not reflect this otherwise budget business model.

With fully staffed facilities, over 400 pieces of equipment at every site, group classes, free parking facilities and bespoke training solutions, the Xercise4Less gyms attract customer's of all pay grades at every city.

Xercise4less Gym Flooring


In 2016, Xercise4Less began working with Origin Fitness in order to provide their facilities with yet another unique selling point : indoor running tracks. Together with their account manager Kenny Wattam, a prototype was developed which allowed members to utilise the outside running track for distance running and sprint training, while the centre offered functional training options in the form of a sled track.

Initially rolled out in Hartlepool, the track proved so popular with staff and members that two other new X4L facilities received a similar track in their training space as well. Both X4L Middleton and the recently opened X4L Livingston in Scotland have received tremendous feedback from their customers about the added benefits of such an indoor track.

Putting It Together

In order to create a sturdy, non-slip and stylish running track, Origin Fitness supplied a 10mm thick rubber flooring roll with the running lanes painted on to them. This flooring is both shock absorbing, slip and stain resistant and extremely durable, offering the perfect solution for a running track that will potentially face hundreds of running shoes every day. Within the track, Origin supplied a 12mm performance carpet, perfect for sled exercises.

Xercise4less Gym Studio Flooring


The member feedback X4L has received to date has been repeatedly positive. Though of course the track makes a great first impression when members are first shown around the gym, it has also opened to the doors for in-house PT's and athletics members to incorporate freestyle HIIT and endurance training to their programmes, without having to wait for equipment to come free in busy times.

Though still exclusive to the three sites, plans are in the making to roll out the indoors running track to existing and new facilities across the country.

Xercise4less Flooring For Gyms


Working with Origin Fitness has been enjoyable and we appreciate the thorough approach Origin took with this project

Jon Nasta, Xercise4Less Livingston

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