Rack Compatible Platforms

A high-quality lifting platform is a requirement for any modern gym, and we have a range of rack compatible platforms that are perfect for heavy lifting in all types of settings including commercial lifting, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and home gym use. We offer three types of platforms, the Origin Power Rack Integrated Platform, Origin Performance Series – Integrated Half/Power Rack Platform, and the Origin Alpha Series – Integrated Platform. Our platforms have been designed to offer a solid base for performing compound movements including clean and jerks, deadlifts, and squats. High density rubber sections provide fantastic impact absorption whilst also helping to protect barbells and weight plates when dropped.

Wooden inserts are designed to provide optimum levels of grip during lifts, while the tapered edges of the platforms helps to limit trip hazards and removes dangerous sharp edges. Solid wood and rubber construction protects sub-flooring and equipment by reducing the bounce height of dropped weights by around 30-60%. The rubber itself will also help with absorption of sound, vibrations and impacts that occur during heavy lifting. Our platforms are engineered with an oak top layer with supporting base board to provide a safe environment for powerlifting and Olympic lifts. They feature a steel surrounding frame and high density compound rubber mats with a supported base board meaning these lifting platforms will protect you gym floor and equipment over prolonged years of use.

Our Lifting Platforms

  • Origin Power Rack Integrated Platform: This lifting platform has a solid oak platform to increase user grip and a baseboard that reduces bounce height of dropped weights. The platform is encased by a solid durable steel frame and integrates into the Origin Power Rack. High impact rubber tiles provide sound, vibration and impact absorption to dissipate noise making it perfect for all types of compound movements.

  • Origin Performance Series - Integrated Half/Power Rack Platform: : Developed with the heavy use and performance requirements of modern gyms in mind, this lifting platform is designed for anywhere that heavy weightlifting is taking place. Integrated platform slots seamlessly into our Performance Power Rack, Performance Power Cage as well as our Performance Half Rack. The platform is constructed from an exceptionally durable solid Asian hardwood insert surrounded by 40mm sound and shock absorbing SBR rubber tiles, all encased in a steel surround.

  • Origin Alpha Series – Integrated Platform: The perfect lifting platform for any commercial gym this lifting platform can be integrated with a number of our racks to allow you to perform a vast amount of exercises. It provides a safe and appropriate environment to carry out high weight and high impact compound lifting making it an essential for any gym involved in Olympic lifting or Powerlifting. It features a 30mm thick platform, oak top layer with supporting base board, steel surrounding frame, and a high density compound rubber mats.

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