Flat Weight Benches

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  • Impulse Sterling Flat Bench
    Impulse Sterling Flat Bench
    £269.00 ex-VAT £322.80 inc-VAT
  • Impulse IT7 Flat Bench
    The Impulse IT7 Range consists of high quality commercial products. The IT7 Flat Bench's user friendly design makes working out more effective and comfortable.
    £309.00 ex-VAT £370.80 inc-VAT
  • Impulse IT7 Olympic Flat Bench
    The Impulse IT7 Olympic Flat Bench has a user friendly design, making it more effective and comfortable to workout on.
    £679.00 ex-VAT £814.80 inc-VAT
  • Star Trac Instinct Olympic Flat Bench
    The Instinct Strength Olympic Flat Bench exemplifies ease of use. All primary exercises are covered by the available equipment while forming the perfect compliment to the single and dual function machines. The approachable appearance is consistent with the Instinct Strength family of equipment and is emphasized through the smooth lines and space efficiency.
    £758.72 ex-VAT £910.46 inc-VAT
Flat benches offer support and allow the user to work specific muscle groups that otherwise would be difficult to use.