Club300 Blairgowrie

Club300 Blairgowrie

Following the success of Club300 Perth, Marie Barrett worked with owner Mike Lindsay to establish her own club under the Club300 brand. Using their successful model along with the support from Origin Fitness, Marie managed to create an equally exciting training space for the local Blairgowrie population. Step inside and take a look.

The Goal

The Club300 franchise started as a passion more than anything. I realised I didn't want to continue working in finance, so I decided that for the next 10 years I'd invest in my own gym. I firmly believe in the Club300 concept, so as soon as I got into my head that this gym is going to work, we just had to make sure the gym is right and it can pull the right people in. Marie Barrett - Owner, Club300 Blairgowrie

Club 300 Balirgowrie

The Outcome

Within the first two weeks, we smashed our month-end target, and within six weeks we reached our half-year goal. Once we realised the traction we had created, we started pulling in people from outside the targeted catchment area. We're even signing up members from leading city gyms, and so far the overall feedback has been truly incredible.

Hex bar deadlift

The Process

I worked closely with Dugald MacGregor from Origin Fitness and Mike Lindsey from Club300 Perth to define what the gym was going to look like. It was a huge conversion project, and the three of us fired ideas back and forth. The final version you see today is probably the 7th iteration of the plan, but we love it. It's the perfect start for us, and allows us to get more equipment as and when we know what our clients would like more of.

Functional Zone at club300

What Clients Think

The gym offers an unrivalled service and setup compared to anything in the local area, and we are far exceeding our projected member signups since the day of opening. When people walk in, the first thing they say is "wow, look at what you've managed to turn this place in to!". That was the exact reaction I've been hoping to achieve, so I'm absolutely delighted with how it's turned out.
strength equipment at club300 blairgowrie gym

From the Account Manager

Working with Marie and the team from Club300 was fantastic, especially as this is the second site we have completed for them. It was amazing to be part of the project from conception through to completion as we were looking to expand and develop on the model we created originally to allow the club to deliver for more members at one time.

We also focussed on delivering a bespoke solution unique to the Club300 model, from the creation of the bespoke group area with the Origin Bridge & Modular Storage to the custom accessories adding that personal touch – everything we did was creating a unique look and feel for the Club300 brand.

For us at Origin, the Club300 model is one for the future with a focus on group, functional and free weight areas all supported and delivered by the excellent staff on site.Dugald MacGregor - Head of Sales, Origin Fitness

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