The Gym Group Glasgow Forge

The Gym Group - Glasgow Forge


One of our most recent installations for The Gym Group was at the Forge Retail Park in the East End of Glasgow. This was one of 5 installations that took place in December 2021 making the chain one of the fastest growing in the UK.

In each Gym Group location, pieces of equipment are tailored to appeal to local members. However, every gym installation by Gym Group has the same goal - to create a friendly, inviting environment for everyone.

The Gym Group Glasgow Forge - Free Weights

The Equipment

Origin Fitness supplied a range of free weight accessories to Gym Group's Glasgow Forge site. These products included the newly released Series 3 urethane dumbbells , Origin 10 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack , Series 3 barbells , Origin Barbell Rack, and Origin Urethane Coloured Olympic Bumper Plates. These plates give spaces a splash of colour whilst providing superior strength training.

To store the Origin Urethane Olympic Bumper Plates within the free weights section, we provided the Origin Toast Rack. The space-saving rack is easily accessible and does not take up much space. This area also features the Origin 20kg Men's Olympic Weightlifting Bar as well as a 10kg EZ Curl Bar and a 5ft Brushed Steel Bar . With a variety of different barbells, The Gym Group can cater to many different clientele and their individual needs, regardless of the exercise. The chosen storage solution for these bars was the origin weight bar holder.

The Gym Group Glasgow Forge - Bar Holder

The functional zone was a little different; the goal of this section in each site is to provide a wide range of functional equipment while avoiding a congested gym space.

It was constructed in a large part of the gym to provide members with the opportunity to train in small groups or on their own. Whilst utilising some of the highest quality functional equipment without it feeling enclosed.

The Gym Group Glasgow Forge - Functional Zone

We installed our Elite Series Rig in the functional zone to meet this requirement. This provided a variety of available training and class concepts for members and staff. The rig not only provided a great workout aid, it is a great storage solution with space.

The rig had a 45-degree boxing bag hook on one side and dip handles on the other, enabling a boxing bag to be hung and used on the rig. As well as letting those who wish to practise some dips or have a boxing session to do so without sacrificing floor space. The rig's design really makes the most of the available floor area for group training sessions.

The Gym Group Glasgow Forge Functional Zone

The specialised shelving allowed a variety of equipment to be safely stored while yet being easily accessible, making it perfect for impromptu gym floor group sessions. Origin Sandbags , Origin Rubber Studio Barbell Set , Origin Urethane Competition Kettlebell , Origin Slam Ball , Origin Power Bands , and other functional accessories were housed within the rig. Helping create a free open environment to exercise whilst also keeping it tidy.

The Gym Group Glasgow Forge Functional Zone


On a daily basis, I work with Gym Group sites, and while kit lists might make each installation look fairly similar, not every site is the same. It was fantastic to be a part of the opening of a new facility so close to home and to assist on developing a functional solution to help them provide more to their customers.

This is really a testament to the success of The Gym Group chain and the partnerships they have with each of their kit providers. I'm eager to see where this year progresses.”

Aidan Adams , Account Manager, Origin Fitness

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