We understand the benefits of fitness equipment for conditioning and result-focused training for your fitness journey as an athlete or just someone looking to keep fit. That’s why we developed different ranges of products to support you on your fitness journey.

Plyo boxes, or plyometrics boxes are the perfect piece of fitness equipment to build power and speed. By jumping and challenging yourself to jump to new heights you can fire you fast twitch muscle fibres which in turn, increases your speed. We offer multi-sided plyo boxes, stackable plyo boxes and wooden plyo boxes.

Agility and Speed training is a must-do activity to improve your power and performance in your specific training or sport. Fitness equipment products such as Ladders, Hurdles and skipping ropes will help to get your speed and reflex on top-shape.

Combining this our functional range that includes Sandbags, Medicine Balls, Sleds, Resistance Bands and Battle Ropes will give you the options of training at a high-intensity that will increase your stamina and gains.

Boxing training is another way for athletes to condition their body according to their goals. It can strengthen bones and muscles, burn calories and lift your mood, so definitely something to add to your fitness equipment options. With our wide range of products including Boxing Gloves, bags and Pads, we are sure that you will find a product that suits you and your gym.

Recovery and rehabilitation are as important as any other part of your training. It helps to reduce the impact of high-intensity workouts on your muscles and bones and supports your progress. Our Studio range products are perfect for this type of training, you can find Foam Rollers, Gym Balls, Fitness Steps, Studio Dumbbells and Weight Sets along with the smartest Storage Solutions for your space.

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