Scottish Police Forces


WHERE: Across Scotland


TYPE: Police / Blue Light Services


The Scottish Police Recreation Association (SPRA) sought to enhance the fitness facilities available to the police forces stationed across Scotland. With a commitment to the well-being and fitness of their officers, SPRA aimed to establish modern and comprehensive gym locations across Scotland. We visited two key locations: Ayr and Stonehaven Police Stations.

The main challenge lay in designing gyms that could cater to the diverse needs of different police personnel, ranging from individual strength training to recreational sessions whilst ensuring accessibility and functionality across different fitness levels.



Origin Fitness partnered with SPRA to conceptualise and execute the transformation of the existing spaces into cutting-edge fitness facilities tailored to the requirements of the Scottish Police Forces.

Gym Equipment:

To accommodate a wide range of fitness activities, the gyms were equipped with an array of high-quality equipment. This included Origin Adjustable Pulley systems for versatile strength training, cardio equipment such as the Origin Storm Rower, Impulse RE700 Elliptical Trainer, and Impulse RT700 Treadmill for cardiovascular health, as well as functional training tools like Origin Sandbags, Rubber Kettlebells, and Slam Balls.


Strength Training:

SPRA recognised the importance of strength training in police fitness regimes. Therefore, the gyms were furnished with Impulse IF93 Leg Press Machines , Origin RD3 Rubber Dumbbells, and an Alpha Half Rack for compound movements and targeted muscle development. Storage solutions like the Origin Elite Series Storage ensured organised and efficient access to equipment.


Functional Training:

Functional fitness is crucial for police officers, who often require agility and mobility in their duties. Origin provided specialised equipment such as the Origin Freestanding Punch Bag and Origin Slam Balls to facilitate functional training sessions focused on agility, coordination, and reflexes.


Cardiovascular Health:

The gyms prioritised cardiovascular health with equipment like the Origin Storm Rower and Impusle Treadmill, offering officers the opportunity to engage in effective cardio workouts to improve endurance and overall fitness levels. The Impulse IF2011 Adjustable Weight Bench complemented these cardio machines, allowing for a holistic approach to fitness training.



Recognising the importance of safety and performance, SPRA invested in durable and high-impact flooring solutions for both gyms. The flooring comprised 40mm High Impact Tiles and the CAP System, providing a stable and secure surface for various exercises.



By collaborating with Origin Fitness, SPRA successfully transformed the gym spaces within Ayr and Stonehaven Police Stations into dynamic fitness hubs tailored to the unique needs of Scottish Police Forces. These facilities not only promote physical well-being but also foster camaraderie and a culture of fitness within the police community, ultimately contributing to the overall health and effectiveness of law enforcement personnel across Scotland.


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