Dundee and Angus College - Gardyne Campus

Dundee and Angus College - Gardyne Campus Case Study

Over the last three years, Origin fitness have worked with Dundee and Angus College to establish a modern and flexible fitness facilities within their college campuses.


As an education provider, it was vital that the gym facilities at Dundee and Angus College offered students and staff a high performance learning and training space which would meet the needs for both recreational users and those undertaking sports and fitness courses.

One of the key objectives was to create a training environment that is in keeping with modern training trends for both commercial use and performance training. As well as provision of top quality equipment, there was a requirement for Origin Fitness to create an exciting and functional layout that would meet the needs of the various stakeholder groups using the gym.

Being chosen as the preferred partner for the gym design and installation was an exciting opportunity for Origin Fitness to show our creative approach to maximise the spaces available for the intended purposes.

Dundee and Angus College Gym

Design & Equipment

Our received brief clarified that the space needed to be both flexible and durable, especially in the Olympic lifting area. The racks installed are from the Origin High Performance Range which means that as well as offering a level of build quality suitable for performance facilities, they are also equipped with a variety of flexible attachments, including external spotter arms and dipping stations which increase both user capacity and functionality.

This space is made complete by the inclusion of specialist high impact free weight flooring and integrated weightlifting platforms. This solution offers the best possible use of space as well as exceptional protection for the sub floor and equipment when weights are being dropped.

The space is now focused around a central rig which offers great versatility in training, and splits the large space in to the strength training zone (complete with racks, platforms and free weights area), functional zone and a CV zone which includes top of the range equipment such as ski-ergs and Wattbikes.

Dundee and Angus College Gym Weights

In order to capitalise on the increasing demand amongst members and coaches for high intensity interval training, Dundee and Angus College agreed to take a forward thinking approach to their CV equipment provision. The CV zone is split into a traditional cardio group and HIIT cardio group, with the latter including equipment that lends itself well to interval style and sprint training (Speedfit Curved Treadmills, Concept2 Rowers and Ski-ergs as well as the Cybex SPARC).

Along the far wall, Origin Fitness also installed a prowler track and power rope station for incorporation into quick HIIT sessions which utilise the space between the rig, HIIT CV zone and open floor space.

Dundee and Angus College Gym Training


The space as it exists today truly reflects the versatility of the users who come to train here, as well as the innovative approach the college has embraced within the design of the gym. With zones clearly defined through specialist flooring design, the space works well as a whole but also offers something different in each individual zone.

Dundee and Angus College Gym Flooring


Origin Fitness has consistently provided Dundee and Angus College with excellent customer service and support. From initial design concepts, identifying the specific equipment to meet the different needs of our users, to the instillation and ongoing support. Working in partnership with Origin fitness, we now have gyms that reflect industry standards and our learners, staff, and general customers are benefiting from these exceptional facilities.

Stephen McGregor- Head of Sports and Fitness - Dundee and Angus College
Dundee and Angus College Gym Fitness

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