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Located in the centre of Cardiff and offering students a next level student accommodation experience, Hello Student chose to work with Origin Fitness to create a fittingly unique training facility within the complex. Through this collaboration, the end result is a training facility unlike anything currently available in Cardiff, attracting the attention of students from home and abroad.


When the architect started working with Origin Fitness, it was made clear that the space would have to be able to accommodate a lot of users at once, without restricting their creativity in training. The gym would have to offer all the facilities a modern commercial fitness facility offers, while also maintaining the high quality standard and feel of the rest of the building.

Equipment and Layout

By working closely with the architect of the remodel, the perfect space was created which allowed each section to shine in their own right, and offer privacy to those who wish for it. We created a dedicated free weights zone in the corner of the gym. This is something that sets Hello Student Windsor House apart from competitors in the area.

A long and spacious walkway runs along the cardio zone, which is equipped with Impulse R700 series treadmills and elliptical trainers, as well as Origin OC5 Indoor Cycles. The custom sprint 15 metre long sprint track reflects the accommodation colouring, while also creating the perfect lane for lunges, sprints, battlerope slams and other functional exercises.

At the far end of the room, the functional zone with a bespoke modular storage rig solution creates an open area where students can carry out body weight routines, stretch or carry out yoga flows at their own leisure.

Hello Student have also rented out the space to personal trainers and group instructors, which have been very popular and may be offered on a regular basis in the future.



The outcome is an open and well equipped gym that would appeal even the most avid gym goer. Through optimal use of the space and careful thought about which equipment would add to the user experience, this student accommodation gym offers students something truly special. The accommodation manager has noted that when they are showing potential tenants around, the gym is a priceless USP, that delivers a 'wow-factor'.


Thanks to our collaboration with Origin Fitness, the student gym has become a real USP for us. When we walk prospective clients around the building, the training facility makes a real impact and it is one of the areas we are the most proud of.

Being able to offer our students a free weights training zone in particular makes us stand out from the competition, and the students take pride in the space and the quality of the equipment. Overall, we couldn't be happier with the end result.

Danny Cross - Accommodation Manager

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