Fit For Life Helensburgh

Fit For Life Helensburgh Case Study

Angie McFarlane opened the Fit for Life gym and studio in Helensburgh at the end of 2013 and worked closely with Origin Fitness in the process. The work that went in to designing and bringing the facility to life was extensive and the equipment installed is of the highest quality which it makes it one of the best small studio gyms we have installed at Origin Fitness to date.

Fit For Life Helensburgh

Gym Design and Gym Layout

The interior and strong branding at Fit for Life really give the facility a clean, stylish finish and make it a very pleasant environment to train in. The equipment layout isn’t cramped and the gym actually feels pretty spacious when you’re in. Angie’s has used really clean, simple branding and design to help create a spacious layout that really maximises the space available in the small studio.

Fit For Life Helensburgh 3D Gym Plans

The Fit For Life Experience

At Fit for Life, customers are offered a high quality experience from the team of trainers who are proud to promote a "unique, high-end personal service". Fit for Life’s two full time personal trainers take a hands-on approach and not only show their clients how to exercise effectively and enjoy themselves, but strive to ensure great results at the same time.

The programme of classes on offer is quickly growing due to demand. Class sizes are always kept small to maintain the gym’s friendly, personal atmosphere. Everyone is known by name and the instructors and staff understand their goals and reasons for exercising.

Fit For Life Helensburgh

What Equipment was Installed?

Origin Fitness provided Schwinn AC Performance bikes with M Power Consoles, which utilise advanced Virtual Contact Resistance Technology which make the bikes ride very smoothly and makes sure that the resistance mechanism doesn’t wear under regular use.

In the gym there is also an Impulse IT Dual Adjustable Pulley which is one of the most versatile pieces of functional cable equipment available and an Impulse R700 Series Treadmill which completes the studio’s strong cardio offering.


I first spoke to Origin Fitness in 2010 when formalising early ideas about opening my first fitness facility. Hence, we've been in regular contact between then and opening Fit for life, Helensburgh in November 2013. Origin Fitness took me round various new gyms they’d fitted out, recommended training providers and were happy for me to bounce ideas around with them. We trialled various bits of kit on site and their support and patience was excellent.

I would definitely recommend Origin Fitness to anyone considering a similar project or looking for advice on anything fitness-industry related.

It’s my intention to roll out more of these micro personal fitness studios in the next few years and Origin Fitness will undoubtedly be our supplier of choice.

Angie McFarlane, Fit For Life, Helensburgh.

Fit For Life Helensburgh

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