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West Coast Fitness Case Study

West Coast Fitness is an exciting new facility located in Peel on the Isle of Man. The gym team came to visit the Origin Fitness showrooms to discuss the latest equipment options, current industry trends, gym design styles and how they could incorporate these to their own facility.


Being only one of few gym facilities on the island, gym owner Simon Marshall wanted to make sure they would be able to cater to any customer walking through their doors. Creating the best gym on the island was their primary objective, and according to their success to date and member feedback they have achieved this feat.

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The challenge in this project was to make the building work perfectly for the types of fitness it was due to incorporate. Already blessed with beautiful views and large floor-to-ceiling windows, these natural features of the building were used to create large open training spaces. The space has also been sectioned to accommodate the separate training zones from each other.

 This gym has become unique in the way it incorporates the vastness of the fitness industry under one roof.

The design has allowed us to offer our members the ultimate gym experience. We have most angles covered, being able to offer a large class studio, strength training room, main gym floor, spin studio and a dedicated rig room.

Simon Marshall- Owner West Coast Fitness

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To cater to a diverse range of customers, various different types of equipment needed to be installed. Using the knowledge and experience their account manager Harry Russell had to offer, as well as a trial day in the Origin Fitness Edinburgh Training Academy, a selection of kit was made that touches on all of the most popular training methods in the fitness industry.

Now, they are confident in their offering as they are backed up by some of the strongest, most reliable kit in the industry. From their fleet of Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bikes, Cybex and Impulse strength ranges to the Origin Fitness Functional Training Rig and accessory ranges, the site beams quality from every corner.


Though the gym's location could have posed logistical issues, the entire project was completed in time and on budget, ready for their opening in April 2016. The design of the gym accents everything this gym has on offer, while keeping the space comfortable and friendly for members to train and socialise.

Member feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and membership enquiries continue to flow in regularly.

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Origin has a great team who are extremely knowledgeable in this field. They had the ability to share our vision for the facility and translate this into a functioning, top class facility. A great measure of a company’s success is the ability to keep existing clients. Needless to say, West Coast Fitness will be working with Origin Fitness for many years to come!

Simon Marshall- Owner West Coast Fitness

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Working with a team like West Coast Fitness that have large ambitions and real visions for us to work towards allows us to focus our knowledge and experience, and to be specific about what would work and what does not. Though of course the project was large, it still called upon expertise from different corners of the industry which we are proud to have pulled together in such successful way. We wish Simon and the team the best of luck, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Harry Russell- Account Manager Origin Fitness

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