Slade Fitness


Slade Fitness Case Study

WHO: Slade Fitness & Tom Alder

WHERE: Sevenoakes

TYPE: Independent Gym


Slade Fitness, co-owned by Luke Greenslade, sought to revolutionise personal training and group fitness in Sevenoaks. The challenge was to develop a facility that offered top-tier fitness services and fostered a community-centric environment where members could thrive physically and socially.

In the competitive fitness industry landscape, Slade Fitness needed to distinguish itself by providing a unique blend of personalised training and engaging group classes. The goal was to create an inclusive space where individuals of all fitness levels could achieve their health and wellness goals in a supportive, professional setting.


To meet the diverse needs of its members, Slade Fitness set up at a unique location and implemented a comprehensive approach that combined personalised training with a variety of dynamic classes. Tom Alder recognised the importance of creating a versatile training environment that catered to different fitness preferences and levels.

Supporting their mission, Origin helped Slade Fitness to equip the gym with state-of-the-art fitness machines and tools. This included gym equipment from across the Origin and Impulse Fitness ranges in free weights, strength equipment, and cardio machines.

To ensure PTs are always guaranteed a spot with clients multiple Origin Performance Series Rigs were included. It means group sessions can run at the same time as individual sessions. The storage racks between each POD includes convenient space for holding Origin Rubber Kettlebells, Gym Division Rubber Hex Dumbbells, and Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates.

Floor space is not something members at Slade Fitness will need to worry about as there is a large amount of Origin 40mm High Impact Flooring Tiles covering the entire gym. It provides the perfect gym flooring solution for using their new TANK M1, providing plenty of space to push it on inside the gym.

There is a wide range of cardio equipment including the Origin Storm® Rowing Machine, Origin Storm® Ski Trainer, Origin Storm Curved Treadmill, Origin Storm Air Bike, and the Impulse AC2990 Commercial Treadmill. These offer a wide range of cardio equipment options to support all members in achieving their cardiovascular fitness goals.

The boxing station features four Origin 4ft Leather Punch Bags and Wall Ball Targets, making it a versatile station for anyone looking for a more functional training option. Origin Aerobic Decks and accessories are also located nearby, to create easy access for circuit training.

Strength training safely won't be a problem with multiple plate-loaded machines available including the Impulse Hack Squat/Leg Press, Impulse Leverage Squat/Calf, and Impulse Multifunctional Cable Machine. A standout in this gym would have to be the Origin Glute Ham/Hip Thruster Bench which is suited to anyone wishing to build their glute strength.


Since first opening, Slade Fitness has successfully created a thriving fitness community in Sevenoaks. Members have reported significant physical improvements through the group training and individual sessions available. Being so community-focused helps Slade Fitness to stand out from other gyms as members report enjoying the camaraderie and support that's found within the gym.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The combination of personalised training and a variety of group classes has resonated well with the members, many of whom have praised the gym for its supportive environment and effective training programs.

Origin have been great throughout the project. My first point of contact was Tom and he's been so good with us. Working with me really closely on the ordering and the equipment choice, I think we've nailed it with the current equipment selection for our members.

- Luke, Co-Owner of Slade Fitness

Slade Fitness continues to promote lifelong health, fitness, and wellness through personalised training and a supportive community. By staying true to their mission, they have established themselves as a leading fitness facility in Sevenoaks.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of personalised training or dynamic group workouts, get in touch with Slade Fitness to start your fitness journey today.

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