Leasing Gym Equipment

Whether you're just starting out, needing to upgrade to the latest gym equipment or are looking to extend the range of equipment at your gym, affording the commercial gym equipment you need to grow your business can be challenging.

Leasing helps you avoid the high set-up costs of opening a new gym facility and helps you to spread the cost of essential fitness equipment over a period of up to 5 years.

Why Should You Consider Leasing Gym Equipment?

  • Valuable tax benefits - 100% of every payment towards a leasing agreement is tax deductible.
  • Leasing allows for flexible repayment over 24 months to 60 months using direct debit payments.
  • Spreading the cost of your gym equipment makes it easier to obtain higher specification equipment.
  • Purchasing outright ties up captial, whereas leasing maintains cash within the business for future growth.
  • Unlike bank overdraft facilities, leasing provides fixed interest rates for the entire duration of the agreement.

Gym Equipment Lease Calculator

Use our gym equipment lease calculator to find out how much your regular payments would be compared to a one-off capital outlay.

Enter the total value of gym equipment you'd like to lease and the calculator will break down the costs over two to five year lease terms and will show how much can be offset through tax relief. You can also enter your average client membership fee and the calculator will show the minimum number of members required per month to service the lease.

The gym equipment lease calculator is intended for guidance only. Please contact us for a full quotation on 0333 2000 750 or email hello@originfitness.com.

  • 2 Year Lease
    2 Years
    Costs After Tax Relief
  • 3 Year Lease
    3 Years
    Costs After Tax Relief
  • 4 Year Lease
    4 Years
    Costs After Tax Relief
  • 5 Year Lease
    5 Years
    Costs After Tax Relief
  • All payments shown are subject to status and VAT at the relevant rate.
  • There is a minimum lease value requirement of £1000 ex-VAT.

Please contact us for further advice about leasing gym equipment on 0333 2000 750 or email hello@originfitness.com where we will be able to provide a bespoke quotation tailored to your exact requirements.