Pro-Life Fitness Centre

Pro-Life Fitness Centre (Renfrew Sports Charity)

For over 12 years, Pro-Life Fitness Centre have chosen to work with Origin Fitness to update and maintain their fitness equipment. In 2016, it became clear that the gym needed to include a space to offer functional fitness training. Origin Fitness was brought on board to help design, equip and install this space. To celebrate the completion of the project, and the long history between the two businesses, Origin Fitness visited the gym to catch up with owner Alex and manager Gayle.

Regarding the transformation of the existing studio gym in to a brand new functional training space, Gayle said:

Origin Fitness has a similar mindset to us; we always have to be forward thinking, and Origin are also always thinking of the next best thing. They have expertise across so many areas now, and it is obvious they have a genuine passion for the industry. It just comes across when dealing with the entire team.

Gayle Brannigan - Chief Executive, Pro-Life Fitness Centre

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Origin Fitness has been involved in every project we've taken on in the past 5-10 years. However, for this functional room the company took charge of the entire installation. They were actually working on a lot of areas at the same time (not just the functional room), which involved moving a lot of equipment from zone to zone. It all happened seamlessly within a week, and it worked out very well.

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When asked what factors influence Pro-Life to continue working with Origin Fitness year after year, Alex said:

The level of service we received throughout the years is one of the best things about working with Origin Fitness. Service is essential and the Origin Fitness engineers really know what they’re doing.

Alex Whelan - Owner, Pro-Life Fitness Centre

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Our relationship with Pro-Life has been incredibly successful over the years. We were really happy to be chosen by Pro-Life to refresh their studio to meet customer demands. We believe the end result and the member feedback since completion shows that their trust was well placed, and the gym is now better than ever.

Jonny Curly - Director, Origin Fitness

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