Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Policy

As a distributor and retailer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) Origin Fitness has an obligation on two levels:

  1. Business Sales: as a distributor for Manufacturers of Electrical Products, we offer a free collection service for all EEE. All equipment is collected (Free of Charge) and is either returned to the Producer, refurbished for re-sale, or recycled for parts and raw materials. We monitor the WEEE Directive closely to check on obligation changes as a distributor.

  2. Retailer Obligation (private households): We operate an In Store Take Back option. All WEEE from private households can be returned to Origin Fitness free of charge on a one for one basis. The WEEE returned should be of equivalent type to and should fulfil the same function as the new EEE purchased.

    • a. Take back is for all types of EEE sold and is available free of charge to customers
    • b. We keep a record of the number of units and category of all units that we receive through take back of WEEE
    • c. WEEE need not have been purchased from Origin Fitness
    • d. WEEE returned need not be identical to new EEE purchased, but of an equivalent type and function
    • e. Storage and transportation for treatment is at the cost of the Origin Fitness
    • f. All WEEE is recycled for parts, or raw materials

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