Dumfries & Galloway Council

Dumfries and Galloway Council

We were excited to help support Dumfries & Galloway Council across 4 separate projects: DG1, Ryan Leisure Centre, Newington Sports and Leisure Centre & Merrick Leisure Centre. The projects included supplying full fitness suites, placing the 4 gyms at the forefront of the fitness industry in the surrounding area.


The Challenge.

For the team at Dumfries & Galloway Council, it was clear that they would have to cater to a vast variety of members, due to their overall leisure offering. The equipment therefore needed to be intuitive and easy to use, while remaining technologically advanced.

The Solution.

For members looking for a performance-based workout, Origin Fitness installed the Intenza Fitness range, a series of WattBike Pros, a Stairmaster Stairclimber and Concept 2 Rowers & Ski Ergs. With precision data read-outs and quick-start mechanisms, these machines are well placed for the information-hungry member, or users looking for a HIIT session.

Functional Zone Picture

Leisure centres across the country are investing floor space on functional zones and it is easy to see why. The equipment within these spaces is very cost-effective and offers members of all activity levels a host of training methods to choose from.

At DG1, a small modular storage rig was installed to facilitate suspension training whilst also providing a smart storage solution for all the accessories within the zone.

The Free Weight zone consisted of power racks and plates, dumbbells ranging from 2.5kg-50kg along with several multi-adjustable benches.

strength picture

To support the Dumfries & Galloway team further, Origin Fitness arranged for a master trainer to visit the facility for a day and a half, ensuring all the staff are up-to-date on all the equipment and the latest training methods. Additionally, Origin supplied DG1 with a MyZone system, enhancing customer class experiences and positively contributing to member retention.

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