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Life Leisure - Barrow Park

To revive the local leisure centre and bring the population of Barrow-in-Furness up-to-date training opportunities, Life Leisure worked with Origin Fitness on the creation of a modern functional training zone.


As a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation, Life Leisure's main focus is to improve the quality of life for their customers. Taking on the centre at Barrow Park was a big step in achieving this goal.

We asked the customers what they felt was missing at the centre in terms of products and training support, and learned that there was a strong need for functional training in this area.

Aidan Murphy - Senior Business Manager, Life Leisure Barrow Park

Barrow Park Overview

Equipment and Layout

The functional zone is created with a big space in the middle to allow for full use of the Tank and the battle ropes on either side. We were excited to have the monkey bars coming across, as this is unique for us in the area.

On either side of the bridge, we placed storage bays to keep it nice and easy to store away all of the kit.

Barrow Park Overview

We opted for the Curved Treadmill and Ski Erg to attract different audiences. In the same way, the rig itself has boards on it for medicine ball targets, the tricep dip attachments, the Stairmaster HIIT Bike; all of it just screams "come and train here".

The bridge itself allowed us to get everything that we needed to create an exciting training venue, without sacrificing space.

Barrow Park Overview

Training Support

We have level 2, level 3 qualified fitness staff, but a lot of the equipment was new to them. Luckily, Origin Fitness were able to arrange a training day with their master trainer to upskill all our fitness instructors, allowing them to maximise the new zone in their classes and inductions.

New PT Offering

The zone has actually allowed us to launch our PT product, as the entire space is a personal trainer's dream. Unlike the main gym, the equipment isn't completely self-explanatory, meaning customers need support in using the space and feel like they received great value for their money.

Barrow Park Overview

Working with Origin

The team had a real personable approach, and our account manager Greg came to site on many occasions to make sure everything was going to plan. He helped us with the design and the marketing by creating the 3D images and helped us understand our options by looking at the overall budget for the project.

It didn't matter to him whether we went under or over budget; he wasn't trying to force a sale on me. What he was trying to do is create the best area possible, which makes me want to work with him, and with Origin again.

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